Last Summer 2014 Looks: Final Goodbye

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Laura Okita
Laura Okita
Seems like neither the weather nor some ladies can still resist the temptation of summer looks. We still witness numerous fashionistas who rock the streets of the cities around the world in outfits that would rather fit in mid July rather than late September. This indicates our true and deep love for the summer days and sunny weather: no wonder, it is a well-known fact that everyone is obsessed with the this time vacations and all the emotions they bring. Of course, there are a plenty of other factors that make this season of year be the most beloved one; yet, we are not going to cover them in this post. Instead, I suggest you to dive into this overwhelming set of the adorable summer looks that are presented below. And if you are lucky to still have warm days in your home town or else you are happy to reside somewhere in tropics – well, good luck in trying these ensembles on. If you happen to be on the same side with me, which means that summer 2014 is officially gone for you – then you are very much welcome to wave the final goodbye to the greatest season in the universe!

5 Final Summer 2014 Outfits. Full Stop

Laura Okita is a high-level professional in completing vintage looks. This young lady manages to release such astonishing pieces that even someone who was not very much in love with this style, would immediately fall for it. The blonde stunner rocked a magnificent strapless V-neckline dress in a flare fit and midi length by Bernie Dexter. The moment I saw this striking item I realised how much I want it to get into my own collection. I would by all means complement it with elegant beret cap in burgundy, a pair of reptile-skinned purple peep-toe pumps and an elegant light blue and white handbag. Oh, by the way, did I mention that my dress-to-be features prints of Eiffel Tower and other cool scenes?

Kenza Zouten
Kenza Zouten
Kenza Zouten, Swedish/Moroccan fashion blogger, has an outstanding fashion taste. Why else, otherwise, would she showcase such a lovely outfit? IvyRevel’s mesh sweater in white is paired with a trendy and super funky mini skirt in bronze which perfectly offsets her toned and tanned legs and contrasts with the ecru shade of the top. A pair of gorgeous cream wedge sandals along with the white-framed sunglasses complement the look in a saucy way. This would be a great option to rock any local party or some fancy music show.
Silvia Navarro
Silvia Navarro always demonstrates her affection for feminine and luxurious looks. This time was definitely not an exception. The beauty sported an adorable Cocoa dress cream, which is embellished with some fringe and tiny gold rhinestones. To make the outfit even more exquisite and elegant, she added of light blue laser cut pumps by Aldo, some jewelry pieces and incredibly stylish sunglasses by Ray Ban. This outfit would be perfect for the first date or just a romantic walk along the sea side.
Paula Jagodzinska
Paula Jagodzinska
Paula Jagodzinska offered a very casual and somewhat funky outfit this time. She sported a pair of ripped up high-waisted denim short by Missdenim along with a darker denim jacket featuring leather sleeves by Topubrania. Vagabond ankle booties in burgundy with a chunky heel as well as the classy pair of Ray Ban glasses finished this stylish look. Such an ensemble could be rocked on a occasional meeting with friends or a hangout in the countryside.

Adriana Gastelum
Adriana Gastelum, the Mexican blogger, possesses an impeccable sense of style. She keeps coming up with such outstanding outfits that even can’t think of creating something similar to her masterpieces. The beauty rocked a mind-blowing midi high-waisted skirt in large florals by Chicwish. The stylish skirt in white, blue, red, violet and turquoise is complemented with Lulu’s spaghetti strap crop top in navy blue and a pair of breathtaking Rebecca Minkoff mule shoes in tan beige. A pair of saucy Celine Audrey sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag and Jeweliig rings complete the striking outfit.

These were the five of the most astonishing and worthy summer outfits. Unfortunately, for many of us this is the only chance now to realize our sweet fashion dreams. Yet, there are other reasons to be happy and one of them is the large number of upcoming updates on the Fall 2014 fashion.

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