Lily Aldridge Launched Debut Collection in Collaboration with Velvet

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Lily Aldridge for Velvet

Lily Aldridge created her debut collection as part of collaboration with Velvet by Graham & Spencer. This 13-piece collection that was described as “laid-back luxe” features the basic garments for the everyday wear with the hint of Lily Aldridge’s “mix of boho rock-and-roll glamour”.

Lily Aldridge became the first face of Velvet back in 2004 and ever since she used to work closely with this fashion brand. She appeared in more than a dozen of fashion campaigns. So the next step in the collaboration became creating of the fashion collection for this brand, which was initiated by the creative directors Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer.

Lily Aldridge commented on the collaboration:

It was a very natural collaboration. I’ve been working for Velvet for 10 years so when they asked me to do this it was an easy yes.

Lily Aldridge for Velvet

She added:

As a model you have such an amazing glimpse into fashion and what the designers are creating and how it fits. I wanted to create a line that was cool and easy to wear. You can wear every piece of my collection for day or night.

The newly-made designer quickly pitched into the job as she designed an array of garments that were named after her close friends and relatives. The beautiful basics are both versatile and budget-friendly as the prices range between £59 and £196, where the most expensive are the white lacy dress and the knitted jumper with the casual feel.

Aldridge really liked her designing experience since she adores fashion and this 13-piece collection makes her feel really significant. In Lily’s opinion a sophisticated tee is the base of any woman’s wardrobe: the combination of the perfect tee with skinny jeans and high heels is the simplest way to acquire the sexy look. Stripes are another way to makeover your spring summer wardrobe.

Lily said about her collection:

I designed a piece in my collection for Velvet in navy and white that instantly adds a touch of Parisian chic to any outfit. A military jacket also always works for spring. I designed one for my little sister Ruby.

Lily Aldridge Designed Collection for Velvet

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