Mango Fall 2013 Lookbook: Sophisticated Grunge

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Mango Fall 2013 grunge look
Mango Fall 2013 grunge look

Grunge is officially making its way through! It is getting more and more obvious as various retailers use it as inspiration for their collections. Plaid shirts and coats, biker boots, studded accessories, denim jackets and pants, and plenty of leather – sounds super delicious, doesn’t it? Even if you are not a big fan of the 80s’ trend, you ought to get a couple of grunge items. Attention, here is a hint! No need to set off to a random shop and spend forever looking for a piece of clothing that will both meet all the criterias and fit you. Mango Fall 2013 Lookbook will provide you with all the necessary information, so that you know what to search for!

Elegance Entwined with Grunge in Mango Fall 2013 Lookbook

The Spanish brand somehow managed to mix trendy grunge and elegant classic in one single collection. Blue striped pant suits and collared white shirts seem to be set against ripped jeans and biker jackets. There is a fine line between a funky look and a sophisticated style, but looks like Mango blew it off and took a new path. The brand’s designer offered a concept of a two-sided lady. She can look totally awesome both in black capri pants paired with a knee-length blue blazer and a black leather vest with zippered and studded pants. Two edges of one beauty – this is how I would call it. And Bette Franke, the Dutch model, got it all right.

Classic elegance in Mango Fall 2013 collection
Classic elegance of Mango Fall 2013 collection

There is also a hint of glam chic in the collection. A black wool turtleneck and a pair of bronze pants with a metallic hue look totally outstanding. Tucked into black suede booties, these pants are the main accent of the outfit. Appropriate for the office wear as well as for a Friday night hangout, this saucy outfit is the one that appeals to me the most.

Denim mixed with leather is always cool, especially when it is one piece of clothing. I immediately fell for those gorgeous pants that are paired with a black and white sweater. So fresh and unique, they will be a wondeful addition to my fall wardrobe. Easy to match with, comfy to wear, and pretty avalaible – is there anything else to say?

Fishnet tights sound so grunge, that there is nothing else but a pair of black studded ankle boots that comes to my mind. Mango completes the look with a light floral dress and a brown suede coat with a knitted white scarf tied around Bette’s neck. A decent outfit to take a walk around the city on lazy Sunday and maybe bump into a stranger with a charming smile. You can even share your scarf with him – it is long enough to keep a proper distance between the two of you.

Mango undoubtedly worked hard and did not disappoint its fans around the world. All the collection pieces are full of high individuality and life energy, that a lot of people would find attractive. If you are among them, add Mango Fall 2013 lookbook to your list of likes and check out the gallery for more looks.

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