Mango Spring/Summer 2014: Daria Werbowy & Desert

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Mango Spring/Summer 2014:
Mango Spring/Summer 2014

Spring will be right around the corner soon, which means we have to worry about the saucy ouftits for the coming warm seasons. And what is a better way to do so if not to check out ad campaigns of our favorite brands. Mango, for example, shared a couple of images to delight its numerous fans. I am pretty sure that very soon we will get the full idea of what to expect from the Spanish fashion brand. As for now, enjoy the gorgeous photos with stunning Daria Werbowy and magnificent background scene.

Irresistible Beauty of Daria Werbowy in Mango Spring 2014 Ads

I assume it is not that easy to make a beautiful image out of nothing. When you are surrounded by splendid trees and impressive buildings, you don’t have to do that much. Just take a good-looking pose and prepare for a range of shots. However, when it is a desert backdrop that you are being lensed against, the situation radically changes. You no longer have that great advantage of the scene. Which is exactly why now you have to use all your skills and talent in order to make the photo shoot as fruitful as possible.

This is what Daria Werbowy succeeded to do, no doubt. This beautiful young lady taps a lot of campaigns and lookbook photoshots as well as graces numerous magazine covers. So no wonder, such an easy task is completed by her. The beauty dons outfits by Mango in a very casual style. Even the dress, featured on one of the pictures, looks more as a daily piece other than a go-out one.

Mango Spring/Summer 2014 appeared to have a good start. Now we just need to be patient and wait until the brand releases its full campaign. Luckily, we have enough power to do it, don’t we?

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