Marie-Sixtine Spring 2013 Lookbook

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French brand Marie-Sixtine has released the Spring/Summer 2013 collection where it introduced new trendy pieces inspired by the upcoming summer. The collection is very laid back and of course with a bit French Style in every piece.

Marie-Sixtine Spring 2013 Collection

Marie-Sixtine Collection

Marie-Sixtine Emerald Cardigan From Spring 2013

Marie-Sixtine emerged in 2010 as a brand, starting out with exclusive line made entirely from knit pieces. Some of these pieces were rather popular, while others remained lingering in the shadows. Now, the new collection for Spring/Summer 2013 offers very daring outfits at affordable prices. You could call it daring not because of the bold prints or provocative cuts – daring because the collection is not really versatile.

The whole line is really intact and at times boringly basic. Some call the collection bohemian, but that is far from being the case. The Spring/Summer 2013 line offers lots of t-shirts, skirts, sweaters, playsuits, jackets, tank tops, pants, dresses, shorts, cardigans. Certainly some of the colors have winning combinations, like the popular emerald green and charming blue jacket; there are also patterns visible including funky colored animal prints.

The most distinguishable pieces and outfits are the flirty skirts and shorts in blue hues mixed with greens. However, the most charming of them all is the emerald green cardigan with a fancy belt echoing the same color. While the collection is rather boring, one of the best things in the newest line by Marie-Sixtine is their beautiful color combinations: the greens go with greens, while there are still wild hues seen in blue and orange combos.

Of course the collection even though intended for warmer months could not go without knits. There are various cardigans and sweaters presenting a textural interest for the customer. Even though the collection does seem a bit too basic its key ingredient for the customers to become a fan of the new collection seems to hidden in the fabric choices. The impression from the new collection is rather ambiguous. So, what is your favorite piece from the collection?

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