Mass Market Vs Luxury Brands: Uneven Battle?

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What brands to go for?
What brands to go for?
When one mentions Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent or Moschino, I can guarantee that the speaker gets all of the attention. It is absolutely impossible to resist the awesome collections released by these outstanding fashion brands. Even though we cannot always afford pieces from their sets, it is still nice to drool over the beautiful items and designs. It is a totally different case though when it comes to mass market brands. We are all well aware of Zara, Bershka, H&M and all the other names. These are the magic words that make us more delighted and excited. Whereas it is the exquisite fashion houses that become the subject of out drooling, brands like Mango, Forever 21 and others help us put even the boldest fashion dreams into life. And although we need to inspire us from time to time, it is still the more affordable things that make our day.

What To Choose: Zara or Gucci?

Some of you might even question the very essence of such query – which is quite understandable. Why would one choose a cheaper piece, when there is great possibility to receive a more expensive one? If you were ever faced with such a choice, I can bet for anything in this universe that you decide upon the most appealing offer. And I really doubt that it will be Mango or any other brand at the end. Meantime, sometimes it makes sense to sit down and think – do I usually need a handbag for USD 200 for instance, when I can easily spend this fortune on an accessory a more affordable piece and then allocate the left over money on some charity or deposit it to your travelling fund. Either way, you will spot light and delicate outfits, so do not even hesitate in this situation.

Apart from the obvious economic advantage, when you get to save a great amount of money and spend it in a more effective way, there are some other sides to getting a piece at a rather democratic price. Just imagine that you have a pair of super luxurious pumps get destroyed or simply lost. This just may sound a bit weird and absurd, but trust me you never know what kind of surprises this life is full of. And if you are somehow deprived Zara heels, for instance, the world is not going to shatter and this won’t be the greatest tragedy in the universe.

Also, taking into account the ever-changing nature of fashion and how fast we have the new trends upcoming and old ones become fade out, it does not really make sense to spend a fortune on something that will be soon trashed. So what you can do instead is to have a very diverse wardrobe fool of clothing pieces that match the requirements of each season. And if there is anything you are fed up or bored with, feel free to donate these items to those in need. I doubt that you would be able to do the very same thing, if your closet consisted of high end designer clothes.

Last but not least comes a very important argument in support of the mass market brands. Whenever you opt for pieces that are produced by Versace or Armani Prive, it is the label and the name that you pay for and not the piece itself. You are very rarely forced to really buy the rich fabric or the excessive embellishment – it is all about the way different letters are built into one word, which is thin patented. So be aware of the fact that you might not necessarily end up with a high-quality piece. Of course this is a very subjective judgement to throw in, but there are some cases when the quality of the piece did not match the price one paid for it.

If you really feel like getting at least a couple of luxurious pieces into your collection, then please do not limit yourself in your desires and goals. Just act in a rational way and go for those items that will be able to serve you long. For example, a pair of decent leather shoes or an elegant handbag in an appealing color palette will perfectly do. Combine these exquisite pieces with the more modest ones to create astonishing outfits without even a hint for any price conflict.


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