Minju Kim for H&M Capsule Collection

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Minju Kim for H&M Capsule Collection
Minju Kim for H&M Capsule Collection

Have you ever participated in any kind of contest? Then you should know what it is like when you finally get the desirable prize. You can literally feel that huge flow of pride and satisfaction that fills your veins as you walk across the stage to receive your award. The world seems to be so much more beautiful and fair at this moment! I am sure, this is what Minju Kim experienced when she was announced to be the winner of H&M 2013 Design Award. And more than that, she got to design a limited collectioin for the Swedish brand. Lucky her!

H&M Capsule Collection: Award-Winner Minju Kim

Minju Kim, a 27 year-old graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, has an obvious talent. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been chosen by such a successful and prominent brand as H&M. She was competing with seven other gifted students, but apparently her work seemed to be the most outstanding. H&M head of design Ann-Sofie Johansson, London-based designer Jonathan Saunders and a Vogue Italia Talents writer Kristopher Arden-Houser teamed up to decide on the best of the best.

And here is the line designed by Minju – a gorgeous collection of feminine silhouettes with an edgy zest. The brand tapped Anais Pouliot and Marikka Juhler to star in this newest lookbook. Benjamin Vnuk lensed the beauties against a very simple studio background. No wonder, after all with such wonderful outfits you don’t need any special backdrop. This is how Ann-Sofie Johansson commented on the collection:

These pieces by Minju Kim show H&M’s commitment to the future of design and to helping move fashion forward.

I love the colors, especially the mint shade that seems to be predominant here. It perfectly matches the light pink as well as raven black and snow white. The detachable collar looks totally different from what we have been offered so far. You will fall for its unique design and beautiful embroidery.

Minju Kim proved one more time that she deserves the H&M award. The collection pieces that she worked on amaze with the innovative approach and great style. Check out the gallery and share your opinion with us!

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