Mono Color Fashion: 15 Striking Outfits to Inspire You

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Awesome outfit in red
Awesome outfit in red
There are a lot of posts offering various color combinations available today and almost all of them insist on abstention from following a single color rule. They say it is not trendy anymore to style your looks in one shade, especially when it comes to the accessory part. This might be true, however it does not necessarily mean that one should fully comply with this rule. In fact, I would not even refer to it as a rule, but rather a recommendation – which presupposes that there will be some exceptions. In case you are still not convinced by the above reasoning, go ahead and scroll down to see adorable ensembles that all feature elements in one color. I have absolutely no doubt that you will completely change your opinion and attitude toward this way of styling and will surely add a look (or even a couple) to your own collection.

How To Create A One-Color Look: Fashion Inspiration

Most of the outfits below are styled in a very bright manner, which will surely speak to many of you. The ensembles below are full of very saucy zest and individual approach, which makes it impossible to resist the temptation to recreate them. For instance, this gorgeous composition in red leaves absolutely no chance for one to stay indifferent. And if you prefer to always stay in the limelight and allure everyone around with your perfect ensembles, this will be the best option to go for. All you need to do to reach the very same effect is just to combine a pair of skinny crop pants with a matching loose top and a printed blazer in navy and red. To complement the magnificent combo, add stylish wedge ankle booties with lacing, a trendy clutch with gold styling and a couple of engaging jewelry pieces. You can be sure that all eyes will be on you, despite that fact that your outfit is designed in a single-color palette.

Delicate powder pink ensemble
Delicate powder pink ensemble
Those of you who are in love with pastels, feel free to consider this lovely and super exquisite ensemble. An extremely delicate dress in powder pink features lace embellishment, tight neckline, long sleeves and a very moderate cut. The latter makes it a perfect piece to rock on any occasion one can think of: from a formal reception to a business meeting. A luxurious leather jacket in a matching shade along with a quilted chain handbag and a beautiful headband with gold and pink styling fits into the composition in a gorgeous way and make one’s eyes stick to the image. There is so much of the romantic shade in this outfit that I can hardly imagine any human being who would not be charmed by a lady wearing such a look.

Electric blue is also something that creates a strong and very alluring impression. This sophisticated pant suit in a gorgeous color itself is capable of attracting huge loads of attention to the person wearing it. Yet, when it is complemented in such a magnificent way, it is impossible to pass by the look without a sigh of admiration. The classy cut and design of the suit goes well with a button-up shirt in a little bit darker shade and a pair of high heel suede pumps. Whereas in terms of accessories this ensemble features some “external elements” represented by a gold chain necklace, for example, overall this is a mono color look.

And of course, what a list would it be, if we did not include an outfit in black? Some might argue that such outfits look too gloomy or unappealing – well this is surely a right of everyone to like or dislike certain styles and designs; yet, to say that a pitch black ensemble does not look alluring is awfully wrong indeed. It is all about how one styles such a composition; and trust me, there are a thousand of examples when such outfits glow and shine more than the more vibrant ones. And here comes an excellent a perfect example to support this statement. This gorgeous tank top dress in midi cutis combined with a pair of Birkenstock sandals in black, a trendy tote with silver styling, a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of trendy sunglasses. And I can reassure you that no one will ever have a desire to call such an ensemble boring or gloomy.

Below are some more outfits that are styled in one color, so take browse through the gallery and enjoy the beautiful ensembles.

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