Most Exquisite Eyewear by Anna-Karin Karlsson

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Mint glasses with a 3-D leopard
Mint glasses with a 3-D leopard
If you are looking for the best pair of sunglasses to rock this summer, you might get very interested in what this post has to offer. The awesome design below will by all means blow your mind and make your mouths water. There is absolutely no way one can ever resist the beauty and great style of these glasses, as every each of them is a true masterpiece. Scroll down to get overwhelmed by these striking items and choose a perfect pair for yourself.

Adorable Anna-Karin KarlssonSunglasses to Rock This Summer

Anna-Karin Karlssonwas acknowledged as one of the most influential and important Swedish designers. This is not surprising at all, as someone with such a great fashion taste and outstanding imagination definitely deserves such an appraisal. I wonder how on earth one could come up with such adorable designs in the first place. I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with these gorgeous sunglasses with a matte mint frame, leopard printed edges and a small 3-D leopard itself on the top. It is absolutely impossible to resist this magnificent image – and I believe this was the initial rationale behind. I can easily picture myself wearing some saucy outfit and these awesome specs on a hot summer day, and how about you?

In case you prefer classy colors, then you will absolutely love this striking eyewear piece. These specs in glossy black feature a very formal and moderate design, except for a lovely floral embellishment in violet. Such an accessory will perfectly complement any of your business outfits as well as become an excellent match to your go-our and less formal looks. Feel free to a add a stylish hat and you will immediately receive one of the most enchanting ensmebles for this summer.

Embellished specs featuring a crystal bird
Embellished specs featuring a crystal bird
It is not only the mammals that are featured in Karlsson’s collection. You will also spot some beautiful birds here – and I am quite positive that such a piece will equally speak to you. Have you ever thought of replacing your regular glasses in a cliche frame and modest color with something that would make you stand out from the crowd? After all, not only are sunglasses meant to protect our previous eyes from the sunlight, but also they are designated to style our saucy look and add more glam and chic. In this particular case, you will have all possible features and traits that specs can possibly have. The beautiful embellishment all along the frame reminds one of Ancient Egypt and pharaoh’s clothing. Sparkling gemstones in green and blue are set against the textured gold surface, whereas a glimmering tiny bird figure on the side immediately catches one’s attention.

Those of you who prefer delicate and exquisite accessories, here is an excellent opportunity for you to show off you great style. This awesome pair of specs features a very precious and luxurious design that will blow your mind away. The light gray frame is embellished with an intricate pattern in black, while the shape itself is of a high interest. Such an item will definitely make your outfit more outstanding and chic.

Below are some more of the gorgeous sunglasses designed by Anna-Karin Karlsson. Browse through the gallery and enjoy the beautiful looks.

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