Most Stylish Colored Jeans To Rock This Summer

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Saucy jeans in custard yellow
Saucy jeans in yellow
There is no need to describe all the advantages of denim pants. We surely know all of them and can easily list every single one even after being awakened in the middle of the night. Moreover, it seems like there are more and more of them occurring nowadays, so yes, a pair of jeans is something that one will hardly survive without. And with so many options available today, it is very easy to get lost among the choices. I can guarantee that you possess more than one denim piece in your wardrobe and are in an on-going search for another saucy number. Here is what you will definitely fall in love with – I have no doubt that once you are done with this post, you will immediately set off to get yourself a pair of adorable colored jeans.

Colored Denims: 8 Exquisite & Trendy Ways To Sport

Let’s stick to the trendiest color palette of this summer and start with the saucy yellow. These awesome skinny jeans in a very appealing shade are capable of turning any look into something super trendy and stylish. All you will need to do is just to combine the piece with a printed long-sleeved shirt in gray palette and a pair of hot black heels. A bright chain necklace in silver and pink as well as black sunglasses and elegant tote in beige and tan complement the outfit in a great way.

If you would like to add some vibrant shades to your closet, feel free to opt for this adorable look. A pair of super delicious denims in electric blue is combined with a light buttoned shirt in fuchsia pink. This combination is so overwhelming that you will hardly go unnoticed in such an ensemble. A lovely white and pink necklace along with nude pumps and a handbag in brown add a final touch to this gorgeous look.

Those of you who prefer to stand out with some more moderate colors, here is a look that you will fall in love with. First of all, it is about smart casual and layering – this mere combo will not leave anyone untouched. Just imagine how cool it would be to stroll around the city in such a magnificent outfit. Besides, you can easily rock it to office (in case you don’t have very strict rules). A pair of rust brown jeans goes well with a cream chiffon shirt and a printed blue and bronze sweater. A very stylish bag in tan, a pair of cool ankle straps in beige and trendy eyewear finished this stunning ensemble.

Stylish denims in sky blue
Stylish denims in sky blue
Fans of sky blue, cheer up! You will have no power to resist this magnificent look, for sure. These crop denims look awesome against a short-sleeved and loose neoprene top in mustard. Cozy flats in beige as well as a matching handbag make a perfect complement to this outfit. This is an awesome choice for a sunny weekend when you can roam around the city and have some ice-cream with your friends.

Here is another look featuring fuchsia, but this time it is about the deliciously pink jeans. This awesome pair is complemented with a long-sleeved denim shirt in dark blue. The impeccable combination looks even more irresistible and striking when it is styled with a pair of incredibly hot lace up sandals in black and a leather clutch in brown.

Mint is one of the best colors for summer. If you don’t have any clothing piece in this shade, then you ought to consider this particular option. Why to go for regular jeans, when you can sport this astonishing pair? If you are hesitating about what to style this number with, then follow the saucy example provided by Annabelle Fleur. A very delicate and simple sweatshirt in mint along with matching wedge sandals, some trendy jewelry and a handbag in pink make this look complete.

Red jeans will by all means make an excellent match to any of your clothing pieces. This is a pair that will help you stay in the limelight regardless of the venue and circumstances. And it is very easy to style it: all you need to add is just a baggy shirt in black, matching blazer in a very simple design, magnificent black pumps and a cool clutch in leopard print.

A pair of turquoise jeans is also something that will speak to you a lot. These adorable denims look so gorgeous when combined with a baggy short-sleeved top in cream and matching sandals. An ecru belt along with a multicolored scarf, Louis Vuitton signature handbag in beige and a set of gorgeous accessories complete this outfit in a stunning way.

Which of these saucy pairs would you add to your summer closet? As for me, I would love to rock every single piece featured here!

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