Most Unique & Extraordinary Boots

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Gold and black boots
Gold and black boots
We all tend to get obsessed with footwear from time to time. Some people compile extensive and marvelous collections of fancy shoes, while others go for comfy sneakers. You will rarely find a lady who would not buy an extra pair of stylish heels even when she has a dozen of them in the wardrobe. However, there are some items that you might not want to add to your personal collection. Or on the contrary, start craving the moment you spot them. Scroll down to see 10 pairs of the the most creative and unique boots that one can think of.

Unusual & Creative Footwear To Stun And Impress

Those of you who happen to be in love with gold and black will definitely like this incredible pair of ankle booties. Black leather would look quite classy and elegant if it wasn’t for the unique design and rich embellishment. One may wonder how comfortable it actually is to wear such a pair, but let me reassure you that this is not the most outstanding and unbelievable footwear piece to come yet. The crooked heel is complemented by an extensive platform – which also features a very rough texture; both elements are styled in exquisite gold which matches the crystal myriad along the piece.

In case you would like to rock something more comfortable but still unique, here is a perfect pair of incredibly cozy cowboy boots. The main point here is about the color – vintage bronze with a goldish glow looks quite unusual. Besides, the design of the shoes makes them look a bit worn out which also adds an appealing zest to the item.

If you prefer low fits and multiple colors, then you are likely to fall for this pair of lace up military boots that feature one of the most engaging patterns ever. The myriad of bright shades is combined with a dragon print and some slogans which all together make this piece very irresistible and alluring. Such a pair will by all means complement even the most boring outfit in an excellent way.

Another footwear piece in black, yet this time it seems to be even less wearable. Once again, the very design of the booties would do good – and even the layered ruffled embellishment fits into the whole concept. However, it is the heel that makes one hesitate before trying those shoes on. First of all, it is located closer to the middle of the boot bottom – which is itself very unusual. Besides, the heel is shaped as a slim crew which sort of breaks the rule of gravitation.

Animal printed wedge boots
Animal printed wedge boots
Fans of platforms and animal prints, cheer up! Here you will find something absolutely incredible and engaging. These wedge boots feature such a unique and unbearable design that it becomes very hard to not fall for the footwear items. You can choose among zebra or leopard, but be sure that whichever one you choose, you will have to watch your way.

Here comes probably the most extraordinary pair of boots that could ever be created. These black leather boots feature a lace up design, mid-ankle fit, silver studs and an incredibly cool heel shaped as a horn. I can’t imagine a lady wearing these shoes, since they seem to be absolutely impossible. Yet, one can obviously rock them – for a limited amount of time. These boots perfectly fit into the extravagant style of Lady Gaga.

Are you in love with everything related to history? Then you must love these awesome boots featuring an archaeological zest. The soft dark brown leather is combined with white lacing on the side of the bootie. Yet, it is the heel that is of a greater interest. The latter is designed in a shape of an ancient bone which was found during some discovery works.

Fans of India might get very excited now, as there is a striking and fascinating pair of knee-high boots shaped as a cobra. The poisonous reptile fascinates the humankind to such an extent, that people decide to dedicate footwear pieces to this dangerous animal. This bronze and brown shoes looks absolutely hypnotizing and stunning.

You can easily add some pastels to this impressive list. However, if you are expecting a regular pair of boots in a delicate shade, you are awfully wrong. Believe what you see – this is really happening. These boots feature two symmetrical ends which looks incredibly outstanding. I am not sure how comfortable it might be to rock such a footwear piece, but who cares about functionality when you have such an impossible design?

Last but not least comes one more pair of black leather boots. This one features transparent sides shaped as triangles as well as a very creative and unusual heel. The back of the latter is designed as some Egyptian statue which was worshiped by the loyal citizens. I bet such shoes are not something you would bump into every day.

Above were the most unique and extraordinary boots that were created by the talented shoes designers. Would you go for any of them?

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