Nada Sawaya Cuffs: Lebanese Mystery

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Nada Sawaya Cuff
Nada Sawaya Cuff

Bracelets as a part of our daily accessories have become an essential long time ago. You won’t surprise anyone with a bracelet beautifying your precious wrist anymore. However, there are some pieces that are meant to stun and amaze. Here is another Lebanese stunner who you should know: Nada Sawaya. This talented lady shared her impeccable collection of cuffs in various color combiantions and design patterns. Read on to find out more about both the line and the brand itself.

Nada Sawaya Bracelets

Nada Sawaya New York was founded by a brilliant lady, whose impressive craftsmanship has gained a lot of appraisal and popularity. Lebanese designer gave birth to the brand in 2006, when she moved to New York from Beirut. The label that was originally called Chiktok received a way different name.

 Her inspiration comes from having lived, studied and worked all over the world as well as from her friends, an eclectic group of accomplished and stylish women from all five continents whose lives constantly inspire her work through their passion, vitality and individuality. From these influences comes a fusion of tactile and lush elements and sleek shapes that are embodied in such creations as her laser cut handbags, python totes, inlaid clutches, unique crocodile cuffs as well as her hand embroidered raffia bags.

Nada Sawaya releases magnificent lines of jewelry, handbags, scarves, watches, sunglasses, shoes and swimwear. Quite a wide range of specialization isnt’ it? This time, the designer decided to make us happy with a collection of stylish cuffs. All the items are saturated with the touch of oriental culture, which by all means hypnotizes a lot. The color palette is pretty diverse, allowing one to choose: coral red, deep blue, rich brown, elegant black and splashes of gold here and there. Check out the gallery to enjoy the beauty of Lebanese bracelets.

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