Nasty Gal Beauty off Duty July Lookbook

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Nasty Gal July lookbook
Nasty Gal July lookbook

Tasty! This is what I usually exclaim whenever I spot something incredibly appealing. It does not matter if it is not edible at all, my mind will still mark it as tasty. Be it a captivating movie, an interesting book, or just a piece of furniture, this is what my highest appraise would be. And, of course, tasty is exactly what I thought, once I browsed through the photos of Nasty Gal July lookbook. I wonder what your reaction will be, although it is pretty clear that you will fall for it, just like I did.

Beauty Goes off Duty with Nasty Gal July Lookbook

Mathilda Bernmark stars in the new lookbook of the L.A.-based fashion retailer. Nasty Gal offers very saucy and trendy looks of a lady, ready to rock the streets any time. All the outfits present a young woman, who manages to look both chic and somewhat streetish. How else would you describe that gorgeous white lace frock paired with a black wide-brimmed hat, an ethnic pendant, and a black handbag with fringe? Plus, Mathilda sports super trendy knuckle rings!

Nasty Gal girl can be flirty and a bit naughty. She sees no reason she can’t stick her tongue out, for she hates to follow rules. However, she also might be quite formal. Creating an image of a super busy lady, Bernmark holds up her phone, so that we can notice she is not available at the moment. But her cellphone is not what we stare at. A lovely striped dress with a cutout panel on the waistline is what captures our attention. I love those black lacquered ankle boots with multiple buckles. They add some edginess to the outfit and along with the black rectangular bag perfectly complete the look.

Nasty Gal July lookbook
Nasty Gal July lookbook

Is there any way that the brand could miss out the season’s essential? High-waisted denim shorts in light blue are paired with a sleeveless white crop-top and buckled red booties. A khaki hooded jacket with patterned sleeves will warm you up on a cool night. Oh, did I mention that these were ripped shorts?

Here comes my favorite look – a khaki crop shirt with patched elbows reveals the model’s slim waist stressed by a black leather mini skirt. A petite handbag with a long chain and, again, those black boots – I’d love to don this outfit! I would add a detachable collar and a couple of bangles as well some funky sunglasses. Even without these accessories, Mathilda looks stunning.

Nasty Gal Beauty off Duty July Lookbook amazes us with the variety of beautiful looks. From a bright red oversized clutch to brown studded wedges, every single item can be worn independently or together with other collection pieces. Have a look at the superior outfits by Nasty Gal – aren’t they tasty?

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