Nasty Gal Gift Lookbook: Crazy Christmas

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Nasty Gal Gift Lookbook
Nasty Gal Gift Lookbook

Another brand has released its holiday collection. This time it has nothing to do with high fashion or elaborate style. Nasty Gal decided we have had enough of the classic and serious looks, so the label shared a line of incredibly impossible and super positive outfits. What you find here might not necessarily fit in your daily closet. Yet, Christmas is not about ordinary things, right? So why not to take this chance at least once in your lifetime and do something you have always wished to? It is a great opportunity to show off all the hidden creativity and individuality that you have inside.

December Goes Crazy with Nasty Gal Gift Lookbook

Nasty Gal tapped Chloe Norgaard to star in this magnificent photoshoot. I doubt that anyone else would be able to present the lookbook better than she did. All the photos are full of joy, crazy attitude and excitement over the coming holidays! This incredible idea to present the lookbook in such a unique way deserves the highest appraisal.

Felisha Tolentino lensed the beauty posing against very different backdrops. There she is taking a rest on the white bed with a fuchsia Christmas tree beside her. Or standing against a purple colored wall featuring what-seems-to-be a piece sign in yellow. The bright blue door covered with various pictures is a decent background for Chloe who is wearing a yummy pink dress with cartoon chicks all around. Moreover, she perfectly fits as a decoration of that bright tree with numerous ball hangings.

My favorite look features the girl hanging on the white rope with a cotton candy pink phone in her hands. She seems to be totally out of this world with the pink leather leggins matching the color of her messy tresses. The cream crop top with a violet slogan is the most moderate thingy of the whole outfit. To be honest, I also would like to have some fun without worrying about those boring rules and stereotypes. Although, I doubt that my mom will choose my humble desire over the precious ceiling of our flat.

Chloe’s make-up is definitely worth being mentioned. One of the photos demonstrate her pretty face in a zoom-in mode, which is superior. Here you can scrutiny her colored tresses done in waves as well as extremely beautiful deep blue eyes. What I like the most about her make-up is the bold eye-liner in turquoise. Her eyelids are almost fully covered by the bright shade, yet it doesn’t look vulgar or fashionless at all. Plus, her lips are of a quite moderate shade – delicate pink, which is a good idea, since you always need to keep that balance.

Looking at all these images I felt incredibly inspired. I assume this was the creative director’s intention: to give us some food for thought as well as a bunch of cool ideas on how to make this Christmas more exciting and unforgettable. I am sure you will also adore the catchy outfits presented by Nasty Gal. Some of them are quite appropriate to be donned to a party. If you are still hesitating on your attitude toward this lookbook, check out the gallery below and enjoy the craziest pictures ever!

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