Nasty Gal & Lazy Oaf Collaboration

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The online store, Nasty Gal is collaborating with a British label Lazy Oaf to release a bright 90’s generation-inspired fashion pieces. This time the lookbook celebrates the best from both labels, sharing the desired look of the fashion loving gal in love with childhood motives.

Lazy Oaf & Nasty Gal Capsule Collection

Lazy Oaf & Nasty Gal Collection

Pieces From Lazy Oaf & Nasty Gal Capsule Collection

The newest Nasty Gal collection in collaboration with Lazy Oaf is quite controversial even for these two cheerful and daring brands. As mentioned by Lazy Oaf designer Gemma Shiel, the two labels:

…take pride in embracing our inner weirdness. If we were at school together we would totally hang out.

As you might have already guessed, the inspiration behind the capsule collection is the fascination with the retro 90’s childhood: candy wrappers, rainbows, eclectic floral prints and ’90s sticker albums. Those who are already familiar with Lazy Oaf, might have spotted the classy water melon print that this label can’t go without.

The capsule collection presents 20 unique pieces all in different prints and patterns with adorable bursting colors. The combination of cartoon prints alongside the adorable cuts makes this capsule collection look quite bold and rather funky. There is no bright color that is too bold: we see neon pinks, black backgrounds and pineapples! Another feature of the collection is the playful edgy florals that also prevail in the mini-dresses and t-shirts.

Even though the lookbook might appear rather childish, Nasty Gal and Lazy Oaf remind us that the lookbook is intended for girls. Some of the models showcase rather astonishing feminine curves and astoundingly high heel pumps along with funky florals and cartoon prints. So if you feel like this collection is designed specifically for you that means that you are a girl that enjoys being in her cheerful mood and is not afraid of stereotypes, and that’s the way to go, right?

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