Nasty Gal’s Chanel Lookbook

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Nasty Gal's Chanel Lookbook
Nasty Gal’s Chanel Lookbook

I love when designers get insired by the past. Despite the saying that past has to stay in the past, this is not so. I, personally, wouldn’t like to give on my past and my background, so I prefer to stick to it. Of all the time eras that the humanity is familiar with today, I adore the 20th century. To be more precise, it is the 80s and 90s that I am in love with. And I am pretty sure that I am not the only person with such an affection. People throw up the parties, direct the movies, sing songs, or even make this period as the main inspiration for their fashion styles. There are also people who use the 80s glam to create new collections: both with elements of modernity and history. Nasty Gal is one of such brands. Let’s enjoy Nasty Gal’s Chanel lookbook!

The Ultimate Score of Nasty Gal’s Chanel Lookbook

I adore the newest collection presented by Nasty Gal. The brand was obviously inspired by the looks of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Well, to be honest, whatever we do, there is a very slight possibilty we can get any similar to the two legendary women. And this is sort of a message that Nasty Gal tries to deliver: yes, we are using the lessons of past, yet we apply them onto the modern situation.

Nasty Gal tapped two models for the lookbook. Staz Lindes and Corrie both look very appealing and seem to be very talented models who excellently know what they are dealing with. Michael Hauptman lensed the beauties who posed against quite distinct backdrops. The outfits are also worth to be mentioned. Irresisitible style of the combined pieces makes each ot the items unique and alluring.

Nasty Gal new lookbook is also inspired by Chanel, the famous French brand. Labels’ signature quilted handbags as well as the classic jacket sand monogrammed dresses all contribute to the positive image of the designer.

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