Next Winter 2013 Campaign

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Kendra Spears for Next Winter 2013 Campaign
Kendra Spears for Next Winter 2013 Campaign

I bet majority of you read it as Next Winter, whereas in fact NEXT is the brand’s name. If you havent’s heard anything of it, no worries, I will introduce it to you in a minute. I know how valuable and important the knowledge is today. Especially when it comes  to clothing pieces. Recently people became overwhelmed with this notion of high quality and sustainable production. So no wonder, that so many companies today pay such a significant portion if attention to outlining their success story. Here is another one to keep you busy as well as a glorious Winter 2013 ad campaign.

NEXT Winter 2013 Campaign: Kendra Spears

NEXT is a UK-based fashion retailer. It’s been quite a while since the first NEXT shop was opened, but up until today the label is trying to gain a s much popularity and recognition as possible. The tricky thing here is that not everyone is aware of this brand.

NEXT is represented through 500 stores in UK. And I am sure it is not the limit. There will be more of the gorgeous shops opening soon  and delighting the growing group of the brand’s followers. To be honest, sometimes I don’t get the businesses. If there is a chance to make more money, some people would give up on it just because of several complications. This is awfully wrong: we have to develop and improve various skills. This is how NEXT characterize its policy:

Continuous improvement lies at the heart of our business. The measures we employ to manage our operation ensures everything we do is aligned to our business aims to realise the full market potential of our brand and develop our business effectively, successfully and responsibly. 

Here comes the greatest thing. This company focuses on sustainable development and approaches to environmental security. And its own comments on the policy just reinforce it and demonstrate publicly.

Our business takes the long term view of what is right and this approach has driven our continuous investment in tackling environmental challenges, and working to achieve positive development in the challenging areas of social compliance.

Kendra Spears was tapped by the Brithish brand – wasn’t that the perfect choice? The model looks absolutely adorable in all the outfits provided by the label. She posed against a plain studio background, with a couple of images shot on the roof of a multiple-store building.

Victor Demarchelier lensed the beauty, who starred in the photoshoots of Emporio Armani, Diane von Furstenberg and Escada before. A very impressive list of employees, isn’t it? For someone who dreams of becoming a prominent model, this is quite a start already.

Delivering to our Brand values means Next products should be well made, functional, safe and free from harmful chemicals sourced and produced responsibly. We are committed to ensuring no-one should be harmed when our products are being made or whilst they are being used. Through these values, we work to attract, retain and develop relationships with our customers to build their trust and confidence in our reputation for quality, price and service.

All the clothing pieces featured in the campaign are awesome. Yet, what makes the collection more appealing and thus desirable is the combination of different outfits and styles. I adore this saucy mixture, especially when it is provided by qualified experts of the brand. To get a full idea of what NEXT Winter 2013 ad campaign is about, check out the gallery. Make sure you share your favorite look with us.

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