Prom 2015: 20 Alluring Evening Dresses

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Embellished dress in custard yellow
Embellished dress in custard yellow
Those of you who are in a search of a prom dress will definitely love this post, as it is full of very useful information and vibrant images. However, it does not mean that the looks below will be of use only to teenage ladies, but also for university graduates and simply everyone who would like to dive into the sweet memories of preparation for this exciting and very important day. Scroll down to fall in love with 20 mind-blowing evening dresses that will you put in the spotlight of your prom or any other event that you will wear this piece to afterwards.

Elegant & Chic Frocks To Shine At Your Prom

The moment I spotted this fabulous frock I realized how much I would like to rewind several years back and become a school graduate again. The world looked so much different back then: everything had very bright and promising light, all the doors seemed to be open and all the dreams were easy to follow. Today, I miss that naive young lady who I used to be during my adolescence. Unfortunately, there is no way we can jump into a time machine and experience certain moments of our life again and again. Therefore, instead of just falling into nostalgic memories, it makes more sense to just give a tribute to the glorious past and move forward. If you have not done so yet, maybe this is a great chance for you to close this old chapter with drooling over your school memories for the very last time. Now back to the number – this adorable floor-length piece in mustard yellow features an outstanding embellishment and super appealing silhouette. If you consider such an outfit a bit too much, then feel free to complement it with a light jacket.

If you would like to wear something less catchy and more simple, then here is a breath-taking number that will make you look the most sophisticated. The strapless gown in charcoal and burgundy is full of elegant and luxurious vibe which suits any lady – regardless of her age or social status. This is one of those cases when you do not actually need a lot of accessories to complete the ensemble – a thick lacquered belt in black as well as a pair of suede pumps in red wine makes the outfit quite sufficient.

Basque frock in crystal white
Basque frock in crystal white
Crystal white is a color that makes it very hard to resist an outfit. Whenever I bump into a look in this color palette, I become automatically obsessed with it for a couple more days. I have no clue why white has so much influence on us, but the reality is such that you are not likely to pass by a white ensemble without falling in love with it. Now, we talk about an evening dress in a floor-length cut,  mixed textures and low neckline, there is absolutely no way you can escape anywhere. The oversized shoulders along with the encrusted belt, adorned bodice and basque design all fit into the overall composition and make this outfit even more appealing.

Fans of rather simple cuts, but excessive embellishment, there is a look that will not leave you untouched – that is for sure. This short-sleeved dress ash gray features a very tight neckline, floor length and potential transformation of a flare and incredibly summer gown into a trendy overalls suit. all in one, this is a great chance for you to stay in  your classmates’/groupmates’ memories for a logn time. Do not even hesitate about this option, as you will become the queen of any party. Just be careful with accessories: the dress itself is very outstanding, so there is no need in some extensive embellishment.

If you feel like preparing a very delicate and romantic, then you should one hundred percent go for this awesome clothing piece. The thick spaghetti straps are combined with quite a low neckline and flare floor-length skirt. The beautiful combination of organza and tulle create a super exquisite impression. I can guarantee that such a number will turn any lady into a princess. The splendid embroidery along the piece adds up to the fascinating image making one’s mouth water and hands shiver. I myself would love to try such a number on, as it looks very luxurious and high-end. So as you can see, it is not only about school girls who get excited about these awesome designs.

Below you will find even more of the astonishing and impressive evening dresses worth to wear to prom. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but at least you can get an idea of what is currently on trend. Browse through the gallery and enjoy this endless beauty.

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