Prom 2015: 7 Exquisite Tea Dresses

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Awesome dress in navy and bronze
Awesome dress in navy and bronze
Here comes another awesome portion of prom dresses that will speak to you a lot. I am quite sure that you will find it super hard to resist the power and beauty of these stunning pieces, as they are all full of elegant vibe and impressive design. Every each of them will draw beautiful images in your mind and by all means create a very strong impression. Scroll down to find out how a clothing piece can turn one into a princess and choose the frock of your dream. Good thing, there won’t be that much work to do – just to check out 8 adorable items and try to make up your mind.

Choose A Prom Dress of Your Dream

This is my favorite piece so far: the moment I spotted this luxurious design, I realized how much I would like to fly back through time and attend my own prom one more time. If I ever had such a chance, this astonishing number is exactly what I would wear. I guarantee that you will have quite the same reaction, as there is no way such a masterpiece can leave anyone untouched. Below-the-knee cut along with the delicate silk and light chiffon create a very sophisticated image, whereas the tight neckline, oversized sleeves and engaging print add up to the overall look. You will fall in love with combination of navy blue and bronze as well as the glossy fabric.

In case you would like to have something more simple, this is an excellent option for you. The lovely strapless bustier frock will make you the true queen of the night, so do not even hesitate. This crystal white number is beyond any competition – just imagine how easy it would be to style it. All you need to add is an appealing and chic necklace along with a pair of pumps and a matching clutch.

Fans of boho and hippie, here is a look that will definitely blow your mind. This is the outfit that looks so alluring and chic that you get a desire to copy it right away. This loose midi dress features a very unique and engaging pattern: the top part is designed in dark beige with an impressive slit along the waistline. And the bottom part is embroidered in a very colorful and complicated way. A pair of ankle strap sandals, some jewels and fringe bag in brown completed the outfit in a gorgeous way.

This is a very luxurious frock that will make a perfect match for your prom ceremony. Due to its color and print, the piece stand out from the rest and make it impossible to pass by without a sigh of admiration. The skimming fit and moderate cut make this item a very classic one, whereas the beautiful embellishment and delicate shade create an unbeatable impression. If you were looking for an exquisite number capable of turning any lady into a queen, then this is what you are very likely to fall for.

Peach sleeveless frock
Peach sleeveless frock
A true princess has a floor-length flare dress in her closet. Today, to be a princess you need to possess a little less: it is not that much about the length, but more about the design. This peach frock looks very sophisticated and chic and I can’t imagine anyone who would love it. Sleeveless fit and tight neckline as well as asymmetrical skirt and cool belt in gold all together contribute to a stunning image.

I have no doubt that this splendid piece will become a dream number for many of you. It is very hard to stay indifferent toward this magnificent design, and any of your efforts to do so will be completely unsuccessful. Hence, do not even waste your time and enjoy the beauty of the dress instead. The iceberg gray number features one of the most exquisite embellishments ever – and this mere fact already make it worth to rock the dress. Powder pink and white adornment add a very alluring touch to the frock, whereas the flare skirt, modest cut and a gorgeous cape make it look like a piece from the royal closet.

Last but not least comes a very delicate and romantic piece that will also make a good match for prom. This cute frock in cream is embellished with tiny petals in green and two shades of pink – a combination that adds a very refreshing look to the outfit. The thin spaghetti straps are paired with a flare skirt and skimming bodice, whereas a pair of matching flats and lovely jewelry pieces complement the look. Overall, this is a very light and inspiring outfit that will serve you on any other occasion besides your prom.

What do you think about this awesome collection of tea dresses?

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