Reformation & Nasty Gal Lookbook

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Bianca Jumpsuit

Nasty Gal collaborated with The Reformation brand to release a capsule collection of incredibly awesome pieces. Vintage seems to be the main theme of this lookbook, which I like a lot. If you are also a big fan of saucy vintage items as well as affordable prices, then this is your gold fish.

Reformation and Nasty Gal Vintage Lookbook

The two brands tapped Sarah Stephens for their capsule collection photoshoot. The beauty poses against both studio background and outdoor backdrop. Looks like both Nasty Gal’s founder and The Reformation’s owner are well aware of what makes us happy. I am sure you will love al the stylish outfits presented in the lookbook. Another reason to fall for these clothing pieces is the fact that all of them are made out of reclaimed surplus fabric. In order to prevent pollution and protect out environment, The Reformation’s owner Yael Aflalo optes for sustainable production policy:

With my last company Ya-Ya, I made a few trips out to China to see the factories, and I couldn’t take how polluted it was.  After that I was committed to building a brand that was based in sustainable practices and tried to take care of our environment rather than destroy it.  Reformation is truly something I can be proud of as a whole, rather than just the product but not the practice. 

And why wouldn’t she be proud? Just a quick glance at these marvelous pieces makes my mouth water and hands shiver in an uncontrollable desire to get all of them. Be it a polka-dotted Bianca jumpsuit or a hooked up crop top in ivory, my closet would fit anything. My favorite item of the lookbook is a pair of absolutely gorgeous red suede pumps with scalloped edges byJeffrey Campbell. Paired with dark blue jeans and a bomber jacket, these shoes look totally mind-blowing.

Girls’ Night Bomber Jacket and Jeffrey Campbell scallopini pumps

Another footwear piece featured in the lookbook is a pair of white leather Jeffrey Campbell oxfords. They look awesome both with a Life of Leisure Jumpsuit in black and a Close Encounter crop top paired with a quilted black skirt. I also like the accessories that complete every single look and add special flavour to the collection. Wool bowler hat, bacall and maddy shades, woven chain necklace and lion medallion earrings all seem to be a perfect match for The Reformation & Nasty Gal lookbook.

Both brands obviously enjoyed the collaboration, otherwise we wouldn’t like the result at all. This is how Yael Aflalo commented on the pair-up:

I love the business model behind Nasty Gal. It’s amazing how much the business has grown and how quickly Nasty Gal made a name for itself in the online world.  Nasty Gal also happens to have a similar customer to Reformation in a way, a girl who wants to stand out and be a little sexy. So the collaboration was an easy choice. My favorite piece is the Girls’ Night Bomber Jacket.  That’s feminine mystique at it’s best.

The Reformation and Nasty Gal did a great job coming up with a line of magnificent and fashionable clothing pieces that are able to make any fashionista go crazy. Have a look at other outfits of the capsule collection and enjoy your day!

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