Reserved Spring 2014 Campaign: Enchanting Brazil

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Reserved Spring 2014 Campaign
Reserved Spring 2014 Campaign

Ad campaigns has always been something that the brands pay a lot of attention to. No wonder, after all this is what either tells or just reminds a customer of the most saucy clothing pieces designed by a certain brand. Yet, not all the labels take the assignment seriously. Unfortunately, sometimes you bump into ads that are neither appealing nor professionally managed. Good thing that there are still some exceptions: we have retailers that do care about the impression they create. Otherwise, why would Reserved lense its campaign in Brazil? Wouldn’t it be much easier to tap a regular model and shoot the images on location somewhere in US? Let’s have a look at Spring 2014 ads by the American brand and see whether the exotic trip was worth it.

Reserved Spring/Summer 2014 Ads

Frida Gustavsson was super lucky to star in the campaign. Can you imagine how cool it would be to spend a couple of days on a picturesque scene in this beautiful country and enjoy a couple of famous carnivals? I am sure, Frida was way too busy to wander around anyway, but still – there must have been a tiny bit of extra time dedicated to leisure.

Mateusz Stankiewicz joined the team and lensed the beauty posing against various backdrops. I love the set of black and white photos that don’t give the vibrant colors of the palms and beach away, keeping the main intrigue till the end.

The trendy and saucy outfits were styled by Karin Smeds. You will fall in love with all the casual looks presented by Frida. You don’t necessarily have to wear them on locations like the ones featured here. All the ensembles are pretty applicable to your regular lifestyle. Browse through the gallery and choose your favorite outfit.

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