Revolve Clothing 10 Year Holiday Line

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Revolve Clothing 10 Year Holiday Line
Revolve Clothing 10 Year Holiday Line

We all love to celebrate birthdays, right? There is really no one who would dislike this wonderful holiday. Even those who actively deny their affection for the Day, in the depth of their souls look forward to it. No wonder, this is the day when we get praised the more often. We receive so much attention, that seems like nothing more can make us more happier. Yet, there is something that is capable of turning the holiday into a huge festival – the gifts. This is exactly what most people await for. Various items that we might or might not use along with cards and flowers make up the whole space in our bedrooms, giving no way for bad feelings. I wonder, if Revolve Clothing has the same perception of a birthday. This year, the brand celebrates its 10yh year of fucntioning. And as probably a gift to itself, the label releases the holiday line.

Revolve Clothing: 10th Anniversary

Revolve Clothing must be very proud to hold its 10th anniversary. Not every single brand can make it through all the obsctacles and difficulties that exist. Fashion world is cruel and tough: there is no room for mercy. That’s why one has true reasons to feel pride and happiness.

For the Holiday Line, the brand tapped Ana Beatriz Barros and it was a very wise choice. The beauty manages to transfer the mood of the collection through the pictures. One thing that totally shocked me was her age. I couldn’t belive she was 31!

The photoset took place at the location near Hollywood, California. The collection includes pieces from Dolce Vita, Rebecca Minkoff, Current/Elliot and others. Chris Shintani lensed the beauty posing against very picturesque scenes.

If you haven’t heard anything about Ana Beatriz Barros, it is quite the time to get acquainted with her. The model is originally from Brazil, which might be the reason of her charm and power. When her modeling carreer just began, she moved in the United States and ever since that her life has been full of surprises.

I have lived in Paris, New York, Milan, London and visited over 40 countries, my favorites being Sri LanKa, Madagascar and Thailand…

Ana Beatriz has graced wuite a number of the magazine covers throughout her modeling engagement: Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity, Glamour, Cosmolitan, GQ, Marie Claire, Numero, V Magazine and Vogue. Nice to notice, Beatriz advocated sustainable developmnet and environmental protection. She identified the “most importnat”  issues aa:

Global warming and the greenhouse effect. I think we should all be more aware of what we could do to improve the conditions of the environment

The line presented by the brand looks totally gorgeous. Very bold outfits yet quite enganing make one reconsider the word of fashion. With so many items available to look at, anyone will find something that we like the most. Glam rock style is how I would describe the style of the line. Every single outfit is created with so much of the effort, that there is no way you will forget it!

This was Revolve Clothing 10 Year Holiday Line. All the clothing pieces were combined by the creative director in a way that makes me jealous.

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