Revolve Clothing Winter 2013 Lookbook: Hong Kong

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Cora Keegan for Revolve Clothing Winter 2013 Lookbook
Cora Keegan for Revolve Clothing Winter 2013 Lookbook

There must be some kind of a trend that designers tend to develop recently. The brands happen to dislike the country of the companies’ origin and therefore choose different location for the photoshoot. For example, Free People released October 2013 Lookbook, which was shot on the streets of Tokyo. The specific background definitely endows the photos with a certain zest and maybe that’s the reason the creative director of Revolve Clothing opted for Hong Kong, another Asian city full of pictures to stare at.

Hong Kong Inspiration: Revolve Clothing Winter 2013 Lookbook

Revolve Clothing tapped Cora Keegan for October 2013 lookbook. The beauty poses on the streets of Hong Kong in a very effortless and appealing way. Chris Shintani lensed the model wearing various ensembles, all styled with great precision.

Dolce Vita, Elizabeth and James, 10 Crosby Derek Lam and other prominent designers were featured in the photshoot as well. No, do not expect the two maestros appear in the images. What I meant is the clothing pieces by these well-known brands that were donned by Cora. All of them create such saucy looks that it’s hard to draw attention away from them.

What I liked the most is a super hot strapless frock in black leather. This clothing piece screams out so much of the passion and sensuality that it is impossible to not fall for it. The brand’s stylist paired it with a denim and leather jacket tied around the blonde beauty’s waist. You won’t see any jewelry pieces, but I assume with a dress like this one, you don’t really need any.

Another frock I liked a lot is the red one. Actually it is red and black, but from the first sight you notice red only. Rich embroidery makes this article of clothing look very chic and exquisite. Yet, it is not excessive at all, controversing the stereotype that red as a color is enough. I adore the cut-outs on the shoulder line that bring in some mystery.

Revolve Clothing Winter 2013 lookbook has a lot of outfits to offer. Rain and Hong Kong sites as a backdrop made significant input into the photoshoot, but of course it was mostly due to Cora Keegan that the lookbook appeared to be so great.

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