RMK Shoes: 10 Great Styles

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Holly Rose for RMK Shoes
Holly Rose for RMK Shoes
Every lady will support my statement about the incredibly high requisite of shoes in our lives. It doesn’t matter what they are made out of or which color are styled in – as long as it is a pair of shoes, there are no more considerations. Have you ever tried to solve this endless puzzle? Why do we stick to footwear pieces that much? I happen to pay more attention to my favorite pair of pumps than to the poor plant drying out on the windowsill of my bedroom. Which is not reasonable at all, since plants are where we get the oxygen from. So why is it so essential to have ninety nine pairs of shoes? RMK brand offers to forget about these bothersome questions and simply enjoy the new collection.

Holly Rose Stars in RMK Shoes Campaign

RMK is an Australian brand that is best known for the incredible lines of footwear. It was founded in 1996 in order to “design directional footwear for women who love shoes”. Which technically means that almost all women of Earth fit into the target audience of the brand. Of course there are always some dissidents, who deny the fact of their affection, but in reality they adore shoes as much as we do.

The head office of the brand is located in Fitzroy, where designers have a chance to transfer their imagination and perception into wondrous pieces of art.

Who is the RMK girl? She follows trends but also sets them; fascinated by fashion and culture she is inspired by all that is around her. RMK makes her feel unique and influences her personal style.

Holly Rose poses against ocean backdrop, which makes me almost hate this sixteenth day of fall. I would love to trade places with her and enjoy the light breeze and listen to the waves shattering against the beach. Anyway, teleportation is far from being invented, so I am back to the earthy matters.

The beauty was lensed by Darren McDonald ans styled by Emma Reed, Elle Australia junior fashion editor. All the photos look very bright and inspiring, stressing the perfect design and outstanding style of the shoes by RMK. Check out the gallery to see more of the mind-blowing pieces and share your thoughts with us!

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