Rock the Streets with Lovers + Friends Spring 2014 Lookbook

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Lovers + Friends Spring 2014 Lookbook
Lovers + Friends Spring 2014 Lookbook

Are you already fed up with the nasty fall? So am I! It is this time of year when I feel most miserable and lonely. Nothing seems to work out the way I want and everyone around is just out of place. There is no pill that could cure my fall depression and bring me back to cheerful life, unless it is something called Last-day-of-winter. Yes, spring is when I fully reemerge as a normal human being with all of my senses coming back. But spring is far to come and the only thing I have to do now is just to dream. Besides, Lovers + Friends Spring 2014 lookbook will assist me in this unmanageable aspiration.

Lovers + Friends Spring 2014 Lookbook: Shine on Street

Hailey Clauson was tapped to star in the brand’s newest lookbook. On one side it may seem to be smart to release spring lookbook in the middle of I-hate-fall epidemia. On the other hand there is a possibility that by the beggining of the new fashion season people might simply forget what you showed four months ago. Whichever one works better, I am still happy with this catalogue.

Chris Shintani and Sara Saric lensed the blonde posing on Venice Beach. The Lon Angeles-based label has prepared very well in term of the photoshoot. Hailey, eating ice-cream, walking across the streets and just standing by the bicycle, seems to be a part of the city aura.

I love the bright colors as well as effortless approach of both the photographer and the model. Freedom and great affection for fashion is what the photoshoot is about. My favorite look featured a knitted bright olive sweater paired with a colorful mini skirt. The beauty’s messy bun and ethnic earrings style the look and add a lot of charisma to the outfit.

You will also spot here a great variety of skirts, shirts and dresses – all of them are saucy and trendy. Any of the presented ensembles would make a great contribution to your closet as well as your daily wardrobe.

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