Sales Disease Or How To Not Become A Shopaholic

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How to overcomes sales temptation
How to overcomes sales temptation
Everyone gets super happy with a discount, special offer or a gift during shopping. It does not really matter what it is that we get and how useful it will further be us; the very fact of getting something for free (or at a lower price) makes it all. I personally always tend to fall for items that have a special badge on indicating some sort of a promo offer. However, often times we fall victims of simple and very effective marketing tools that seek the only goal – to convince us purchase the item regardless of whether we actually need it or not. And if you do not have an intention to become a shopaholic in your nearest future, then you had better read on this post and learn everything you need to stay cool and strong and resist the temptation. Below are some super useful tips on how to abstain from buying things on sale – this will definitely keep your budget to the level.

Anti-Sales Strategy in 4 Simple Steps

First and foremost, think. Do you really need this lovely vase? Even if it is sold with a 70-% discount, what is the use of it when you are allergic to flowers? Buying things just for the sake of keeping them does not sound very rational, right? If you purchase something, make sure that you will make a full use of it. Some might argue: such a vase can make a perfect gift. True, but then does the person you are planning to gift actually want this vase? It will definitely save your money, but what’s the point of such a gift when it is not chosen with a decent amount of care and love?

Next, you need to count. Always equate the amount you would pay for this adorable pumps in pink (which are very similar to the ones you already have, but so incredibly cheap) to the amount that you would spend for some other useful things (for instance, it makes up to the monthly payment for household facilities or half of the apartment rent). I am sure that once you realize that you can buy an attendance card to a gym or visit your hairdresser instead of this yet another footwear pair, you will immediately lose any interest despite all the attractive offers.

Third, look for disadvantages of having the item that you are holding in your hands. For instance, this organic shampoo with a large discount seems to be very good, but where on earth will you keep it when you have no spare room on the bathroom counter? These small details can keep you from purchasing tons of unnecessary stuff. Just keep searching for the negative features and you will be actually surprised at how many you will come up with.

Lastly, make up some conditions for yourself with every single purchase you make. For example, if you buy this super cool and awesome clutch on sale, you will not be able to spend any money on bags in the next three months. This will make you think whether it is worth getting this particular piece now, rather than wait and buy something that will speak to you much more. Whenever you try to limit yourself in such a way, I can guarantee it will be much easier for you to resist these tempting On Sale badges.

Now that you are familiar with the ways to avoid unnecessary purchases, you can also advise your friends on this question. Spread the word and make your input to the global action against shopaholism!

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