Sari Inspiration: 8 Striking Ensembles

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Beautiful number inspired by sari
Beautiful number inspired by sari
Orientalism has always attracted people from the west. There is something incredibly alluring and hypnotizing in a way these beautiful carpets are embroidered, dances are performed and delicious dishes are served. I can’t imagine anyone from my circles who would be taken aback by the overwhelming beauty and mystery of the eastern culture. We adore cuisine, cite philosophers, consume goods and borrow some fashion ideas. It is no secret that some five or six centuries ago, it was the East that had the most chic and desirable fabrics and hence the most luxurious and exquisite clothing pieces. While the balance today shifted toward the other half of the Earth, we can still say that we are very much influenced by what is happening in the farthest lands. Therefore, today’s post will be dedicated to one of the most striking oriental outfit – Indian sari.

Borrowed From India: How To Wear Sari Inspired Outfits

If you have always been a fan of bright Bollywood movies, then you ought to get one of these pieces into your wardrobe. You will look very exotic and appealing in any of the items showcased below, so do not even hesitate to borrow these wonderful ideas and use them to build up your either daily or go-out closet.

Here comes one of the most luxurious and exquisite sari inspired piece I have ever seen. This striking number in purplish gray is beyond any competition and it is really pointless in describing how awesome it is. The tight neckline goes well with the intricate embellishment of the fabric, whereas the color palette of the number is worth worshiping. The gray and sheer texture is combined with a draped violet silk across the model’s shoulder – which makes this number look extremely engaging and appealing. A crop top and a midi pencil skirt have never looked this astonishing and unique, I am sure. All you need to complement this outfit is just a pair of some sophisticated pumps and a matching clutch.

Chic and luxurious dress in white
Chic and luxurious dress in white
Those of you who are in love with ecru will definitely fall in love with this stunning ensemble. The cream gown features floor length, asymmetrical sleeves and adorable embellishment. This astonishing number will make a perfect match for any of the formal and fashionable events. And the best thing is that you won’t have to style it in some excessive way – just regular accessories and your ensemble will be complete.

Here is something much more ethnic and appealing. In case you have doubts about how wearable such a look is, try to imagine it in a slightly different light. What if you take a couple of accessories away, wash out that vibrant make up and make it two percent more moderate – then you very much likely to receive an outfit of your dream, which will feature all the Indian motifs as  well as the contemporary chic.

I am absolutely in love with this mind-blowing ensemble. The very color combination of the number is capable of taking your breath away. The saucy silver long-sleeved top is paired with a glowing floor-length skirt in yummy yellow. The beautiful combo is complemented with an embroidered cape in beige and gold, lovely flats in ecru and lots of outstanding accessories.

Black is always the color that will be praised and recognized by many of them. And it does not really matter what event you are going to attend – you can be sure that there will be guests rocking black. In order to make your dark ensemble more catchy and cool simply throw in a different shade and enjoy this beautiful view. A one-shoulder top in pearl silver is combined with a a thick velvet skirt that reaches mid-ankle. A pair of very elegant ankle straps in black fits into the look in a great way and adds a final touch.

Here comes a very exquisite and delicate dress in an engaging design. Long sleeves in sheer fabric offset the deep elegance of this mid-ankle silk and organza frock in blue. The sari-inspired bodice is adorned with gold styling which matches the gorgeous belt along the waistline as well as the sandals and luxurious headwear.

In case you are not really into these embellished outfits, you must fall in love with this very casual yet cool look. A simple short-sleeved shirt in black is complemented with a sari skirt that culminates in a wide scarf over the model’s shoulder. The color combination of the engaging piece makes it worth trying it on: deep burgundy goes well with pitch black, rich bronze and rust brown. This is an excellent ensemble to rock around in a city on a regular day.

One of the most exquisite and magnificent sari pieces will speak to many of you as well. The gold maxi dress with three-quarter sleeves is paired with a sheer layer of organza in the most astonishing pattern ever. You will definitely love the story that is told by some creative designer who used a plane piece of fabric and embroidered it in such a splendid way.

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