Sports Style & Fashion Tips

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Athletic fashion has taken over both mainstream and fashion. People run, go to the gym, and buy lots and lots of sportswear. Many active people prefer athletic apparel to the traditional clothing and it’s no surprise as sport-y clothing has become amazingly versatile and stylish.

Athletic Fashion Tips

Chiara Ferragn

Chiara Ferragni

Many of the sports bras on the market now are so cool looking, they can easily be paired with casual pants and a blazer or a tennis skirt and a bomber jacket. And Nikes aren’t even the best of them, at least fashion-wise. Bralet, balcony, crop top the bra styles are so diverse you could forget they were meant for working out.

The best way to pair workout clothes with traditional or sport style clothing is choosing a certain color scheme. Items in one color family won’t look as different even if they are essentially the opposites style-wise. Contrasting colors can work too and sometimes a bright athletic item can really freshen up your traditional outfit. The one thing not to do is dressing entirely in activewear that is unless you are actually going to the gym, to work out.

Skater skirts, chino pants, tank dresses, and duster coats are perfect intermediaries between traditional and athletic clothes. Of course, their compatibility with some of the sporstwear will depend on their fabrics, textures, and prints but activewear on the other hand can too be too, well, athletic to wear outside the gym or intended activity/field.

There is definitely been a giant shift towards making more casual athletic clothing in the industry for the past few years so it is quite easy to find cute everyday dresses in sports style. The tennis skirts look amazing with oversize neoprene sweatshirts and crop tops alike. Even many of the sports leggings look so stylish they could easily be worn everyday outside the gym.

Athletic shoes is one of the key fashionista items. They are worn with anything and everything at any given day of the week. They can be mimimalistic Nikes or over the top high top designer atrocities. Bright sneakers are a great way to put an accent and a bit of comfort into a casual neutral outfit.

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