Stylish Outfits In H&M Magazine Winter 2012

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Stylish Outfits In H&M Magazine Winter 2012

Toni Garrn, Saskia de Brauw, and Magdalena Frackowiak pose for H&M Magazine Winter 2012 wearing stylish outfits from the brand’s latest collections. The models showcase the shoppable looks that are amazingly styled by Robert Rydberg and photographed by Camilla Akrans.

The outfits consist of dresses, printed pants, fancy tops and skirts. There are also jackets, vests and hats. The looks are accessorized with gloves, bracelets and necklaces, bags and clutches as well as some nice footwear.

The photoshoot is set in various settings including luxury interiors. The models sit in beautiful chairs and sofas as well as pose in the studio. The Fall/Winter 2012/2013 trends are all in there – the printed suits and pants, fur jackets and hats.

The clothing items look great in the photos. The metallic ensemble (top picture) is styled with a fur jacket and a gray beret. The top is cinched with wide metallic belt and the look is accessorized with two statement bracelets.

Stylish Outfits In H&M Magazine Winter 2012

Another great outfit includes a white polka dot blouse paired with a pencil skirt in geometric print. This is a great office look, which can be transformed into a street style look with a pair of socks with the court heeled shoes.

Looking for a party look that can also be worn during the day? Toni Garrn demonstrates an outfit consisting of a white shirt with embellished collar, sparkly jacket and a sequined belted skirt. The hat adds a playful touch to this party/street chic look.

In other H&M-related news, the brand is taking initiative in reducing waste by starting the clothes collection in February. The 48 of H&M’s stores will receive old clothes by any brand that the owners no longer want for discount vouchers. The old garments will be recycled to become new clothes. Each bag of old frocks will be recieved for a £5 discount voucher. What do you think about it?

H&M Magazine Winter 2012

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