Suite Blanco Early Spring 2013 Campaign

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Suite Blanco Early Spring 2013 Campaign

Suite Blanco Early Spring 2013

Suite Blanco designed a collection of trendy clothes for the early Spring time. Consisting of military-style parkas, kahki pants, and Spring skirts and shorts the collection is just right for inbetween season transition. While the jackets will keep you warm you can already sport trendy items like those skinny striped pant.

Some basic wardrobe items like black pants and neutral tops are great to build an outfit around. Mix and match netural tops with striped and khaki pants or add a trendy touch to the look with a striped white coral top or an embroidered jacket.

Suite Blanco Early Spring 2013 Campaign

When it comes to sprucing the outfit up patterns are always a good way to do that. There are patterned shorts in the collection and a black lace top that are two great items to jazz up your early Spring looks with. There are also printed mini skirts and casual tops in the range.

The military-style jackets come in various styles. There’s a hooded light parka, a light khaki jacket with decorated epaulets, and another parka-style jacket that looks great with basica items as well as a statement necklace the model wears in the campaign.

Suite Blanco Early Spring 2013 Campaign

Speaking of accessories, there are some statement pieces you can find in the collection that are a great way to celebrate the Spring when the weather is still cold enough to wear light flowing outfits and short-sleeved fancy tops. Patterned clutch is also a great addition to the early Spring look.

Footwear in the collection is also quite interesting. There are brown studded sandals, ankle strap embroidered sandals, and two-tone ankle strap sandals. These are perfect to wear with cropped or cuffed pants.

Suite Blanco Early Spring 2013 Campaign

The collection also offers patterned oversize outerwear with short sleeves to warm with in the early Spring, What do you think about Suit Blanco’s new campaign?

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