Taylor Swift Fronts Keds’ Bravehearts Campaign

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Taylor Swift Fronts Keds' Bravehearts Campaign

The year starts to get busy for Taylor Swift. There was recently announced that a star will do a Diet Coke endorsement and now here is another Keds collaboration, only this time Swift acts as a model to promote the brand’s Bravehearts campaign that celebrates brave girls. The singer stars along three other campaign stars Aly, Ashley and Libby who also share their bravest moment in life.

Taylor also shares her bravest moment reminiscing of her early desire to write songs and move to Nashville from Pennsylvania where the star lived in order to give it a shot. In the campaign Swift wears a a pair of navy polka dot kicks with a white polka dot dress.

I am so excited to be working with Keds. The campaign is a tribute to brave girls everywhere,

said the star.

This campaign is inspired by our Keds® girl, who we believe is without limits. She is optimistic, kind and bold, and views life with a very brave outlook. She is socially connected, focused on being a catalyst in her community, and values her opinion and wants it to be heard. Our goal was to capture her dynamic spirit in ways both large and small,

said Rick Blackshaw, president at Keds®.

The campaign is a little bit different from what we are usually used to. It is conceptual and encouraging. “Take chances, trust youself” urges Swift in the campaign video where the singer is seen hanging out with other Brave girls and heading towards the bus with her cased guitar.

The campaign shots are sweet just like the Ked’s styles. The brand also offers a selection of Taylor’s personal Spring 2013 picks at their web store.

Taylor Swift Stars In Bravehearts Campaign

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