ThreadSence Winter 2013 Lookbook: Bohemian Chic

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ThreadSence Winter 2013 Lookbook

Another lookbook is released. This time it is a catalogue presented by ThreadSence. You might wonder where this brand comes from. No worries, I will elaborate on this question very soon. It is quite reasonable if some of you are not familiar with the label, as we are exposed to such a large number of fashion retailers today. Sometimes it seems like a new company opens every other day. Of course there is a range of the most popular ones, like Mango or Zara. But if you are a fan of new paths, you will definitely like to check out the new brands. By new I mean not only those that started functioning a week ago, but also the labels that exist in the fashion world for a while but for some reason stayed unknown to us before. So let’s have a look at ThreadSence Winter 2013 Lookbook!

Kate Potter for  ThreadSence Winter 2013 Lookbook

The lookbook is called High Society Rebel and I can see where such a name comes from. The photoshoot reveals magnificent photos and gorgeous looks. Kate Potter starred in the lookbook, making every single look more appealing. The model poses against a quite distinct background. From the cosy couch and restroom to the elegant piano and impressive columns, all the photos are full of luxury and great style.

We’re taking over even the highest of societies with our winter fashion lookbook, inspired by Pretty Woman. Indulge in first class bohemian clothing with sequin maxi skirts, printed flares, fur vests, kimonos and lots of bohemian jewelry. Come on, you know you deserve it. Get ready to rebel in our amazing indie & bohemian styles.

ThreadSence tapped Nicole L.Hill to lense the photoshoot. All the images appear to be super beautiful and engaging, both due to the model’s talent and the awesome outfits presented in the lookbook. You will spot clothing pieces by Line & Dot, Ladakh, Reverse, Black Swan & Clo Intimo and others. The photoshoot was styled by Kathleen Bonus and edited by Vu Bui & Teresa Chu, whereas Sparkle Tafao was responsible for the make-up and hair.

ThreadSence is not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle based on the ideas, beliefs, and actions that our team manifests on the daily. Catered to the free-spirited & indie-inspired, the TS culture is centered on music festivals and shows, art and literature, and spontaneous, trend-driven fashion. It’s a culture that is fueled by our personal style and aesthetic.

My favorite outfit of the lookbook is a mixture of bohemian and cowboy style. Well, it would be right to say cowgirl. Kate dons a gorgeous dress in burgundy and black with a deep slit on the skirt. Due to the latter, we can actually see a tiny part of the thigh-high boots in gray suede. The frock is accessorized with a brown belt, a gold locket and a massive necklace. I like the way the stylist combined two items of the neckwear in one look. Also, the model sports incredibly stylish bracelets in a very heavy design. They look more like some super secret and hi-tech devices of a spy. A beige coat along with the wide-brimmed hat in light brown makes this outfit even more saucy and desirable.

ThreadSence is our way of combining our love of fashion, music, art and other musings; it is an expression of who we are. We don’t need to be the life of the party – we just make the party happen.

ThreadSence Winter 2013 Lookbook is very trendy and stylish. You will fall in love with all the pieces, but to do so, you need to check out the gallery.

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