Topshop & Kate Bosworth Winter 2013 Lookbook

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Topshop & Kate Bosworth Winter 2013 Lookbook

Another genuine collaboration is on its way to your attention. Topshop teamed up with Kate Bosworth to release a 46-piece collection for winter. What you spot in the lookbook won’t leave you untouched for sure. No wonder, this is a product of hard work – it’s one of the factors. Another explanation of its coolness is quite simple too: whenever two (or more) talented people cooperate, the result is always astonishing. Have a look at some of the released outfits and enjoy the great style of the clothing pieces.

Kate Bosworth Team Up With Topshop

The American actress herself stars in the photoshoot for the new lookbook. Wise decision – why to tap someone else, if she is both the designer of the pieces and a model? Her husband, Michael Polish lensed the images with the beauty posing against a studio background.

The collection is a true extension of my personal aesthetic, a mix of feminine and masculine with neat, clean lines. The collection is tailored and classic. We wanted to create luxurious pieces with a strong minimalist approach.

The outfits feature outerwear as well as other clothing pieces styled in casual. Leather leggins, cream coat, collared tunic, white shirts, charcoal shirt-dress, flare skirt, knitted maxi sweater and even more items are what Kate came up with. There are aslo a couple of accessories, such as a lust red belt and mother-of-pearl clutches.

Slim silhouettes are cloaked in a masculine shape, staying true to the mix of masculine/feminine balance that exists in my personal aesthetic.

My favorite item of the collection is an asymmetrical skirt in glistening silver. I adore both the creative fit and the unique color of the piece. If I had such a skirt, I would wear it with either a contrasting oversized sweater and wedge sneakers or a feminine blouse and elegant pumps.

Topshop & Kate Bosworth Winter 2013 Lookbook is all about casual. And this is great, because during the cold winter days the last thing we want to do is to waste our precious time dressing up, rather than spending extra minutes in a warm bed.

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