Twin Set Jeans Spring 2014 Ads

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Twin Set Jeans Spring 2014 Ads
Twin Set Jeans Spring 2014 Ads

Another saucy brand released its Spring 2014 campaign. The closer spring is the more excited we are. Just imagine – less than in a week we will be welcoming the first days of March! Isn’t that awesome? I am sure everyone has been looking forward to this day for quite a long time. So why not to spend it as a holiday? And for that you ought to have a decent outfit on your mind. Take a look at the Spring/Summer 2014 ads by Twin Set Jeans and get your tiny portion of inspiration. I am pretty sure you will love all of the outfits as they feature gorgeous designs and awesome colors.

Twin Set Jeans Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign

Twin Set was founded in the early 90’s by Simona Barbieri. From then on the brand gained more and more popularity both in Italy and in other countries.

The lines became, year after year, ever richer and more complete: no longer just sweaters, but a total contemporary look to be worn quite literally from head to toe, giving women a timeless contemporary elegance. Above all TWIN-SET means knitwear, produced entirely in their own factories in Italy, characterized by a never-ending search for technological innovations while remaining sensitive to the value of craft skills such as embroideries, hand-made appliques and unconventional printing and dying techniques. 

Adorable Barbara Palvin starred in the bright photoshoot. The beauty posed against a very engaging background, including cliffs and a vintage car. I am in love with all of the ensembles presented as they offer quite a lot in terms of creativity and chic. All the outfits are about smart-casual style, which also speaks to me a lot. The Italian label provided all of its fans with a mesmerizing chance to enjoy the beauty of the clothing pieces at the available prices. Browse through the gallery and enjoy your day!

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