Urban Outfitters Holiday 2013 Lookbook

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Urban Outfitters Holiday 2013 lookbook

Urban Outfitters released their version of the Holiday 2013 outfits. And to be honest, their perception speaks to me the most. Whereas previously the brands worried more about the beauty side of the catalogue, this label also focused on the practical issue. You won’t freeze in the clothing pieces that are offered in this lookbook and neither will you feel out of place. Quite the contrary, everything from toes to the tip of your head will be covered with the most appropriate articles of clothing. Well, almost everything. Anyway, take a look at the presented items yourself and draw your own conlusions.

Holiday 2013 Lookbook From Urban Outfitters

Did you hear about the importance of the first impression? I did and tons of times. This is the reason we rehearse so deliberately for our interviews, not to mention the amount of time we spend on the wardrobe. All these efforts are aimed at one single thing: to create a perfect impression for whoever is in charge. Let’s make it even more simple. Why would you empty your closet and waist half a day on prepiring for the first date with the guy you’ve been into since the high school? Of course, here, as well, the above statement comes into force.

I have no doubt that the same principle works with our names. Parents tend to struggle so much on the name choice, that sometimes they happen to go into fights over the best one. And this is where our Grannies and Grandpas step in, turning the simple task into imitation of the World War II. But if you think that they torture each other for nothing, you are awfully wrong. The reason they do it is because very often your name determines your destiny. Thus, according to what meaning it carries, your life will flow in a certain way. You might not believe in it, but I assume there is some part of truth.

Whenever I spot Urban Outfitters logo, I start wondering about the logic behind such a label. But then it becomes clear. It sounds very catchy and strong. Besides, it brings some kind of a link to the urban culture which is super popular today. So I guess the brand’s name wasn’t a coincidence, but a result of long discussions.

Urban Outfitters tapped  Moa Aberg, Roosmarijn de Kok, Jed Texas and Mateus Lages who looked incredibly lovely out on the snow. The fashionable photoshoot was lensed by Rene Vaile. Credits for make-up and hair go to Alex Brownsell and Kristin Gallegos respectively.

Trudy Nelson obviously worked hard on styling the lookbook, as all the outfits presented here look very stylish. From cute sweaters and pleaded shirts to denim overalls and shorts a la 80s, the whole collection is worth to be adored. The ladies looks effortlessy cool in all the scenes, be it a snowscooter race or a cosy couch in the wooden cabin. I like the theme of the ads a lot, as it creates a very appealing image in my mind.

I pretend to find myself somewher in Finland, not far from Santa’s homecity, sipping hot chocolate and staring at the elaborate patterns drawn on the window glass. From time to time I would go outside to breathe in another portion of fresh and yummy air or just fool around with snowballs.

Unfortunately my day-dreaming ends when the most interesting part is about to come. But you shouldn’t get upset with it. After checking out the gallery you will have a chance to watch your own dream. And who knows, maybe we will bump into each other!

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