Vampire obsession in For Love & Lemons Fall 2013 Campaign

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For Love & Lemons Fall 2013 campaign
For Love & Lemons Fall 2013 campaign

Vampires have been on top of all the other supernatural creatures ever since Robert Pattinson aka Edward fell in love with Kristen Stewart aka Bella in Twilight. Vampires are no longer considered to be horrible and dangerous. Various movies and TV shows have proved that they are as romantic and sensitive as human beings are. No wonder, so many girls now secretly dream of being engaged in such kind of relationship. But have you ever thought of yourself as a vampire? An immortal who never (well almost never) gets hurt and has an opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of this life. Sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it? For Love & Lemons is ready to make our dreams come true. Read on to find out how to dress up in order to be crowned The Cutest Vampire in the world.

For Love & Lemons Fall 2013 campaign: Interview with a Vampire

Anna Selezneva, the Russian model, starred in the American brand’s Fall 2013 campaign. Campaign’s title speaks for itself – Interview with a Vampire. What do you expect from an ad with such a name? I bet, nothing but a collection of edgy and funky clothes. Well, For Love & Lemons is not going to disappoint you, trust me. With such a great variety of pieces, any lady will definitely find the outfit of her vampire dream.

Velvet, tulle, lace, chiffon – there are no limits for the L.A.-based fashion retailer. Complemented by different accessories such as, for example, a chocker, all the outfits create a very vampire mood. And the background that the Russian beauty poses against also adds to the overall impression.

For Love & Lemons Fall 2013 campaign
For Love & Lemons Fall 2013 campaign

Deep burgundy and emerald green velvet dresses along with black chokers and Anna’s heavy make-up give a strong push to my imagination. And here I am, setting off to a dangerous yet exciting trip along the dark halls of the huge castle in Transylvania, hoping to run into Bram Stoker’s Dracula and impress him with my perfect vampiristic outfit. Well, I probably shouldn’t wander around in that super mini green strapless frock: who knows what else I might bump into.

My favorite look of the new collection is more human-like. A beautiful maxi skirt in pastel with a floral print and a matching blouse paired with an elegant necklace – how is that? The blonde posing outside looks totally different now. Her lips are no longer covered with “blood” and her eyes, still charming though, have a softer shade. Too bad we can’t see her footwear, I am very curious about what shoes the brand’s designers completed the outfit with. A nice thing about this ensemble is that you can easily wear the pieces separately and create looks in various styles.

Another collection piece that I fell for is a slate gray mini dress with tulle sleeves. I love the elaborate patterns in white as well as those black belts around the oversized teardrop cut. Awesome black leather ankle boots perfectly finish the stylish look. This frock can be also paired with wedge sneakers and a biker jacket, or trendy flats and a denim vest. You can even opt for a cowboy-inspired outfit and add a wide-brimmed hat, handbag with fringes and appropriate boots.

My guess is For Love & Lemons presented a concept of a two-sided woman, who is very delicate and sweet at daytime whereas at night she turns into a dark angel, passionate and seductive. If you consider yourself to be such a lady, full of mystery and allure, then you will fall in love with all the gorgeous items of the collection.

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