Versus Versace Teams Up with M.I.A for Pajamas?

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Versus Versace & M.I.A Capsule Collection
Versus Versace & M.I.A Capsule Collection

Collaborations are always very fruitful. When you have more than one designer, the result will always be interesting. The more ideas and suggestions – the better. Especially when it is someone outside the fashion world who makes his input. In this case, the collection might appear to be a huge success, or on the contrary an epic fail. This particular line is far from being impressive. It might be just my personal perception, but I am not even about to like it. Anyway, check out the capsule collection by Versus Versace & M.I.A yourself and see whether you have a different opinion.

Versus Versace & M.I.A Capsule Collection

For those of you who are not familiar with M.I.A, she is a  Grammy-award winning singer and songwriter from Great Britain. A 38-year-old star apparently decided to change her occupation and teamed up with Versus Versace, one of the Italian brand’s diffusion to create a limited collection. I expected to see a super outstanding line or at least something that would look more or less wearable. A set of bright-colored pajamas is the last thing I anticipated.

The collection obviously lacks a professional approach or any creativity. Or both. Looking at the pieces again and again, I try hard to find a single reason the brand would release these articles of clothing. So far I have failed. Maybe it is me who is way too picky, but I really don’t see anything alluring in this line. The silhouettes are not impressive at all. Colors are mixed together in a messy way, which creates an impression of firework or circus rather than a hot color-blocking trend. The very outfits are so cliche and inattractive that I want to cry in despair.

Now that you have seen the collection of Versus Versace and M.I.A, it is time for you to share your verdict. Do you support my humble opinion and dislike the line? Or maybe you fell in love with the outfits the very minute you spotted them?

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