Victoria’s Secret Show Footwear by Nicholas Kirkwood

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You will be mistaken if you think that the legendary Victoria’s Secret is only about the lingerie and stunning models since the footwear also plays the significant role in creating the flawless looks of the Victoria’s Secret angels. This year it was Nicholas Kirkwood who was chosen to create the collection of shoes especially for the Victoria’s Secret Show 2012. kirkwood-vs-shoes-show-2012
The collection featured the platform sandals with original fasteners, high-top trainers, roller-skate shoes, ankle boots with unique heels, jackboots with transparent soles etc. All in all, the footwear looked almost as risky and extravagant as their lingerie costumes.kirkwood-vs-shoes-show-2012
Kirkwood told about the collaboration:

Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, who styles the show, approached me earlier this year to see if I’d be interested in collaborating. They gave me the six themes, sketches and access to the fabrications. From there it was about creating styles that worked with each look, making sure each shoe reflected the theme.

As for the themes, footwear designer created the following lines: Silver Screen, Toy Pink, Circus, Calendar Girls, Dangerous Liaisons and Angels in Bloom that perfectly suit the costumes in distinct designs.
He added:

I didn’t know exactly which model would be wearing each style but you definitely think about the personality of a Victoria’s Secret model and the fantasy they look to create on the runway. I think Victoria’s Secret is so popular purely because it is a fantasy – they have fun with it and it’s desirable.

Unfortunately the usual purchasers won’t be able to buy the Kirkwood’s shoes in the stores:
They were purely for the show, but we of course can make to order through our own stores. There are some styles in-store that are representative of what was seen on the runway.kirkwood-vs-shoes-show-2012
In fact this could be the beginning for the great collaboration between Victoria’s Secret and Nicholas Kirkwood.

Victoria’s Secret Show 2012 shoe collection by Nicholas Kirkwood

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