Wasteland Mountain High Lookbook: Vintage Is On Stage

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Wasteland Mountain High lookbook
Wasteland Mountain High lookbook

Whenever it comes to vintage, I can’t help clapping my hands in both excitement and impatience. Can you imagine how cool it is to wear pieces, that are even older than you are? Well, even if they are really not that old, it is still fun to play around with clothing items that look as if they have spent a couple of decades in your grandma’s chest. One might wonder why we love vintage so much. The answer is actually quite simple – vintage is chic, stylish, and somewhat bohemian. Mixing all the three at once is possible only if you are wearing vintage pieces. This is obviously what Wasteland’s creative director went by, when she decided to launch the brand’s new Mountain High collection.

Vintage Looks of Wasteland Mountain High Lookbook

It is not just vintage that Wasteland’s new lookbook is about. Mountain High collection features gorgeous pieces that come from Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Roberto Cavalli, and many more. Are you impressed? Hold on, you have no idea how blessed we are to have someone like Coryn Madley, the creative director, to inhabit our planet in the same century as we do. The prices, taking into account that these are masterpieces by such brilliant designers, are ridiculous!

Wasteland Mountain High lookbook
Wasteland Mountain High lookbook

Sophie Miller, the starring model, was wandering around along the cliffs of Topanga Canyon wearing beautiful outfits that impress with the style and color choice. Alexandra Valenti got a chance to lense the redhead posing against natural background.

My favorite item of the lookbook is a gorgeous silk-velvet gown in gold with florals and high-low hemline. To me this dress symbolizes freedom, which I value a lot. Seems like Sophie Miller is about to fly up using the dress as wings. A piece of advice: if you put the eye on this stunning frock, make sure you have something to wear underneath, for its bold slit reveals the model’s body all the way to her waistline.

Two outstanding capes by Alexander McQueen, one in black with a nighvision tree graphic and another one featuring Georgia O’Keeffe inspired graphic, also look fantastic. They both match the forest setting so much, that Sophie seems to be part of all it. I bet, either one of the capes will perfectly complete your outfit on a cool night walk along the beach, when a sleeveless top does not keep your body warm and even the lightest blazer is just too much.

Have you ever thought of pairing a kimono with shorts and a strapless top? Shame on your imagination, it is actually doable! This look is probably the most exotic one: a stunning purple silk kimono with a floral print, suede shorts in bronze, and a multicolored waistline-baring strapless top with ethnic motifs. You think it’s too much? Not at all for a creative and fashionable lady with high level of individuality.

All the items of Wasteland Mountain High lookbook impress and charm. It is hard to not fall for at least one piece of the collection, if not more. Which outfit would you like to try on and what is your overall impression of the lookbook?

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