Wasteland Paint It Black Lookbook

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Wasteland Paint It Black Lookbook
Wasteland Paint It Black Lookbook

While many brands are busy releasing trend updates almost every week or so, Wasteland is no where in the rush. Why to go for quantity, when it is the quality which is of a higher importance? Instead of sharing photoshoots that feature less than 6 images each, the label came up with a 17-photo lookbook, which is designed to impress and appeal. And it’s not just about the number of looks; what matters more here is a range of outfits styled in a gorgeous manner. It is a huge difference when you have just something to look at and when you really want to wear the outfits you see. So check out Wasteland October 2013 lookbook and see what the brand offers you.

Wasteland October 2013 Lookbook: Paint It Black

The new lookbook is called Paint It Black and, yes, it is mostly black. But it doesn’t mean that all the outfits are somewhat gloomy and unappealing. Quite the contrary, they appear to be very elegant, hot and trendy. And it is the black color that makes the catalogue so great.

Sometimes we get really tired of the bright clothing pieces that happen to be part of our closets. And then there are only two options left: either white or black. White is a beautiful color with a range of advantages and a single “but” – it is not functional at all. If you wear a white dress to a party, this will work, of course. But imagine that you have to don white outfits to work, gym or shopping centre. It will become a washing-up nightmare. So the only reasonable solution here is black.

This must have been the logic behind Wasteland’s new lookbook. The brand tapped Lauren Hastings to star in the photoshoot. The beauty was lensed by Harper Smith. This is how the label’s creative director Coryn Madley commented on the lookbook:

The October Wasteland lookbook was inspired by black magic, shipwrecked maidens, and a darker side of the bohemian.

Wasteland October 2013 catalogue features bohemian dresses, wide-brimmed hats, leather styling, embellished belts, sexy tops and lots of jewelry pieces. Browse through the gallery to fully enjoy the clothing pieces of Paint it Black lookbook.

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