Way Too Long Sleeves? Not At All!

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Futuristic ecru outfit with oversized sleeves
Futuristic ecru outfit with oversized sleeves
Have you ever faced a situation when you had to crop off the sleeves of your shirt because they seemed to be oversized. Or even worse than that – when you had to give up on a piece for the very same reason? I can easily imagine your frustration and disappointment when such a petite detail ruins all your plans and fashion inspiration. Let me assure you now that you do not have to sacrifice your fashion taste for these silly reasons. Who cares about the length of your sleeves, when the whole outfit looks so complete and engaging? Besides, the runway has a clear proof of how cool and saucy a clothing piece with oversized long sleeves may look like. Below are ten examples to empower you with this great inspiration!

How To Wear Sleeves When They Are Too Long

Here is a perfect example of how a pair of long sleeves can completely change a certain look. If it was an outfit with the regular sleeves, I bet you would not even notice it. However, I doubt that with such an ensemble anyone will ever manage to stay unnoticed. The total ecru composition is full of futuristic notes and unique zest, which makes the number very appealing. The flare pants with large pockets and a slim belt are paired with a crop turtleneck with the sleeves stretching all the way down to the model’s knees.

You can also go for oversized blazer ( it can even belong to your boyfriend) and create such a stunning and creative look. It does not necessarily have to contain a crop top or bralet: as long as the piece goes well with the long-sleeved jacket, it will work in an excellent way. The loose capri pants in black as well as matching flip flops add up to the masculine silhouette of this ensemble making it even more unusual and engaging.

Here is a very sophisticated outfit that will definitely speak to business women or those whose daily style is limited by the office dress code. These black loose pants with purple styling along the sidelines are combined with a white collared shirt that features metallic buttons and a matching purple embellishment on the oversized sleeves.

Here comes another outfit in ecru. This time though we are talking about more moderate sleeves which will allow you to operate with your hands in a regular way. You won’t be restricted in your motions at all, so there is no need to worry about any sort of obstacles with such an outfit. Still, the length of the sleeves exceeds what is considered to be the template, which adds up an appealing zest to the look.

In case you are in love with baggy sweaters and dark shades, this ensemble will totally speak to you. This awesome knit sweater in navy blue features one of the most unique designs ever. First of all, it is not a solid piece of fabric which does not really allow one to call it a shirt. Besides, the oversized sleeves of the piece completely cover the model’s hands.

If you happen to a fan of powder pink, this coat will make you fall in love it. The plain design of the outerwear piece is compensated by the alluring color and a cool element represented by a bit long sleeves. This is a very useful feature during the winter time, when we tend to leave our gloves at home so often. You can easily get as much warmth as you wish from the stretched length of your coat’s sleeves.

Adorable and super cozy long-sleeved sweater in tan
Adorable and super cozy long-sleeved sweater in tan
I totally love this look and have no doubt that you will have a very similar reaction. This cozy and lovely knit sweater in tan must be the cutest and most pleasant sweater in the universe. I can already imaging myself cuddling in the warmth and softness of the delicate fabric. There is hardly a better company for the chilly winter night than such an article of clothing. Besides, you can create so many looks with its help: anything from a hot mini skirt to bleached ripped jeans will do equally good.

If you like to mix textures and colors, here is you a very cool way to style long sleeves. All you need to get is a super vibrant asymmetrical mini skirt in neon turquoise and a graphic printed shirt in black and white with oversized sleeves. The black belt attached to the skirt matches the design of the top creating a complete and solid outfit.

White feathery sweaters are also on trend this season. Why not to try it on since we still have a whole bunch of cold days ahead of us? Such an item will definitely fit into any closet, as it looks very functional and cool. You can pair it with a knee-high chiffon printed skirt and beige ankle booties (as demonstrated on the runway) or else add a pair of skinny jeans and thigh-high boots in ecru suede.

Last but not least comes a rather punk and grunge look. If you happen to be in love with such a style, then this is definitely your gold fish. The black collared shirt tunic in chiffon features such long sleeves that they are sticking out of the outer coat in silver. The combination of textures as well as the contrast of shades creates a very funky impression which along with the short cut of the outfit adds a sexy touch to the look.

These were some saucy ways to wear way too long sleeves. What do you think about this trend?

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