ZANZAN Eyewear’s Spring 2014 Collection

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ZANZAN Eyewear’s Spring 2014 Collection
ZANZAN Eyewear’s Spring 2014 Collection

Are you fed up with this muddy roads and snowy windows? Do you feel depressed because of this whatt-seems-to-be-constantly gray sky and chilly air? So do I. Sometimes it seems like I can’t stand this weather anymore. I get incredubly influenced by the processes happening outside. And who would like to work when there is no motivation at all? So I decided to make up something bright and positive in this myriad of clouds and snowballs. And this is something I suggest you to do as well. Let’s pretend that we are about to have a long vacation. Of course, it has to be spent somewhere at the sunny and sandy beach, with palm trees and hot guys all around. To make it seem more real, we need to start “planning” for the holiday. One of the things that need to be done prior to any trip is coming up with a list of items to take to the place. And if it’s going to be a seashore, you will definitely need a pair of saucy sunglasses. Thus, you desperately need to check out the newest collection of sunglasses by ZANZAN.

ZANZAN Sunglasses: Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

ZANZAN is an eyewear brand based in London. The company is quite famous for the gorgeous pieces it releases. It is always nice to have a pair of high-quality sunglasses at a pretty affordable price. And if you were looking for such an offer, ZanZan has everything to make you happy!

The creative team behind Zanzan, Megan Trimble and Gareth Townshend, introduced the brand in 2009 to drag sunglasses out of the opticians and onto the catwalk. You won’t find Zanzans in opticians or sterile sunglasses stores: Zanzan sunglasses only sell in the world’s best fashion boutiques, alongside the beautiful clothes our sunglasses complement.

I, personally, am concerned with one question. Where does this name come from? I can’t track down the logic behind such a title for the eyewear label. I would understand if it had something to do with music, for example a company that produces drums. Also, the name sounds a bit African. As if it was a word for some African tribe, or else a greeting in the South-African dialect. Unfortunately, the creative directors of the brand do not reveal this secret. And this is partly what attracts us as well: who does not love mystery?

Megan and Gareth drew on their flirtations with photography, fashion and design to offer up a free-spirited English style sensibility to the curdling conservatism of the European eyewear industry. ‘We share an appetite for culture in all its glorious guises and created Zanzan as an expression of this passion’. 

Ella Merryweather was tapped in the brand’s Spring/Summer 2014 ad campaign. The photoshoot was designed in retro style to match the featured items. The pieces create a very summer mood, with light colors and sunny patterns. Looking at these sunglasses, it is impossible to not dream about the sunny months.

Jon Gorrigan lensed the blonde beauty, as she posed against a colorful background wall. Simone Konu was responsible for the style of the ads. Credits for hair and make-up go to Claire Rothstein and Helena Lyons respectively.

ZANZAN Eyewear’s Spring 2014 Collection appears to be quite adorable. It gives us that tiny ray of hope that we all seem to be missing right now. Thinking of the warm and shining days makes anyone more delighted and inspired. Plus, no one ever has refused to get a pair of stylish glasses, that serve two purposes: they protect your precious eyes from the sunlight and create some mystery, hiding the most significant part of your perfect face.

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