Zara November 2013 Lookbook

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Zara November 2013 Lookbook

Zara is very consistent in terms of releasing the lookbooks. I would say even too much sometimes. I haven’t had a chance to recover from a couple of the previous updates of the Spanish brand and here it is with the newest catalogue. Seems like the creative director of the label aims at fully conquering our vulnerable minds with more and more outfits. And, to be honest, I like it a lot. These numerous fashion updates give us a chance to reconsider our current wardrobe and add a couple of touches to make it even more stylish. Every time I check out such lookbooks, there is the lightbulb turning on in my head. And here I go, getting rid of the olden items which are to be replaced with the new-comers. Have a look at Zara November 2013 catalogue to draw your own conclusions.

Zara November 2013 Catalogue: More Outfits To Drool Over

This time Zara tapped two models to star in the lookbook’s photoshoot. Chiharu Okunugi and Kasia Struss both look very refreshing in the saucy outfits from our favorite brand. I like the idea of the lookbook’s editor who decided to mix the enchanting and unique Asian beauty of Chiharu with a classic elegant appearance of Kasia. By the way, in case you were not familiar with who Chinaru is, I am here to enlighten you.

Chiharu Okunugi, as most of you might have already guessed, is a Japanese model. This young lady started her career when she was taking a walk in Tokyo, her hometown. She was stopped by a model agency’s recruiter who must have been astonished by the charm and appeal of this lady. From then on she got engaged in the world of fashion.

Chiharu was modeling for quite a number of the agencies, including Storm Models (London), Nathalie Models (Paris), New York Model Management, Women Management (Milan) and Satoru Japan Inc. The 21-year old model goes for casual loose styles and cool mixes and is in deep love with skirts with sweaters. I wonder whether Zara has somehow influenced this affection, for Chiharu was featured in a lovely gray knit sweater and black leather skirt.

The whole collection showcased in the lookbook is rather casual and plain. However, the way the clothing pieces are paired makes one change his mind. Black flare pants with a sheer top and tank dress over it create an ensemble I would never ever come up with.

I myself adore the numerous sweaters Zara has offered to us. November lookbook reminds me more of winter, which is not surprising, because for many of us winter has already started. The cosy coats in pastel shades look very appealing, especially when they are paired with lovely ankle boots in slate gray.

The color palette of the catalogue line is represented by black, navy, ecru, gray, beige, white  and touches of pink. I like the pleaded outfits as they are super trendy this fall and winter. It is a sort of a tribute to the grunge style that we are all in love with.

It is worth to mention that the ensembles presented by Zara this time will also fit your office wear wardrobe. Pencil skirts and classic pants can be easily combined with shirts and turtlenecks. To make the looks more saucy and catchy you can easily add a couple of jewelry pieces.

Zara November 2013 lookbook is full of fresh ideas that will speak to any lady, no matter what style she prefers. And, of course, the greatest thing about this collection is the availability of it. The clothing pieces vary form $60 to $300, which is pretty affordable.

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