Zara TRF October 2013 Lookbook

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Zara TRF October 2013 Lookbook
Zara TRF October 2013 Lookbook

Zara is well-known around the world and there is no need to introduce it. But how many of you heard of Zara TRF? I bet, some people are trying hard to resolve this puzzle now. I wonder what guesses you actually have. As for me, none of mine were right. Hopefully, you will be more lucky and creative. All, right I have no intention to bother you with riddles. Read on to find out more about this TRF mystery.

Zara October 2013 Lookbook: TRF

TRF stands for Trafaluc and presents a more casual line offered by Zara. It is considered to be a “younger sister” of the Spanish brand, as it offers  slightly different clothing pieces. The collection is less formal and more bold. There are no limits here, which means that if you are planning to sport some of the outfits to work, it won’t be the best idea. As for a walk with friends or lunch in a coffee shop – the world is your oyster.

Zara TRF October 2013 lookbook is all about grunge. Leather jackets styled with fur, tweed mini skirts with lace trimming, pleaded shirts and dresses, lacquered and leather booties – sounds very appealing, doesn’t it? But the most wonderful thing about the catalogue is not even about the pieces presented. It is more the way they are combined together that amazes me.

Would you ever wear a sequined spaghetti strap dress in silver over a charcoal turtleneck? Or match very light striped shorts in gray with lace edges with a cashmere coat in navy? And almost all the looks feature either oxfords or booties with black socks sticking out.

There is also an obvious touch of masculinity in the collection. Striped pants with suspenders, baggy sweaters and pleaded shirts all contribute to such an impression. And to be honest, I like this accent a lot.

Zara TRF October 2013 lookbook is not something you can use as a manual to rock at the party. Neither does it offer you decent looks for the officewear. But those of you who adore creative and unique style will definitely fall in love with the outfits.

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