10 Coolest Suede Jackets For Spring

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Elegant midi suede coat
Elegant midi suede coat
It is almost time to get rid of fur coats and puffer jackets and put on light clothing pieces. I have no doubt that I am not the only one who has been awaiting this time of a year when we get to enjoy the warm sun rays and sweet weather. In order to make these days even more glorious and exciting, one has to add up a couple of hot and trendy touches. One of such an items would be a suede jacket – and here I suggest that we focus on a rather specific one. While suede is applied in various colors, the best and most appealing option is a jacket in brown. Therefore it is most recommended that you take a look at the 10 striking suede jackets in different shades of brown and choose the one to add into your collection.

Shades Of Brown & Suede: 10 Awesome Outerwear Pieces

Here comes probably the most elegant piece from today’s collection. This is a great option for those of you who prefer to create sophisticated looks with an exquisite and luxurious touch. This midi coat in soft suede and light shade will match any of your formal looks and meantime will also go well with a pair of jeans and a sweater. In other words, it is all up to you what ensembles to make with the help of this awesome piece.

If you are a fan of more edgy and funky style, then you are most likely to fall in love with this gorgeous crop jacket in camel brown. One thing that makes it so appealing is its cut which along with the buckles and pockets creates a very unbeatable impression. Moreover, the jacket features saucy fringe embellishment that by all means contributes to the overall image.

Here is another fringed piece, but this time it is designed in a totally different way. The extended cut makes it lay somewhere in between the previous two pieces, whereas the darker shade draws more attention. There are plenty of ways one can wear such a jacket – feel free to match it with a pair of skinny pants or a boho chiffon dress. With the help of the right accessories and efficient amount of embellishment, you can create some astonishing ensembles.

Trendy bomber jacket in brown suede
Trendy bomber jacket in brown suede
Here is a variation of a bomber jacket which will speak to many of you as well. This lovely piece will perfectly complement a pair of high waist jeans or a leather mini skirt – in other words, anything else that can contribute to a saucy and trendy look. Feel free to add a chunky knit sweater or an oversized T-shirt – whatever you rock will look equally good.

This is the most moderate and formal suede coat of all the featured ones today. The saucy piece is presented by Natalia Vodyanova – and this mere fact already makes us crave the jacket. The modest cut of the coat reaches a knee, so one can easily rock such an item with dresses and skirts. The large buttons as well as the belt along the waistline add up a cool zest and make this outerwear piece even more desirable.

If you like unique shapes and designs, then here is the piece that will blow your mind. This awesome coat features a symmetrical slit along the bottom part of the piece. This unique element is combined with a smooth texture, perfect mustard brown color and double-ended zipper in front. All in one, this is an excellent coat for those of you who can’t stand regular fits.

If you want to keep it as simple as possible and yet authentic, check out this gorgeous suede coat with a belt along the waistline. The piece features three quarter sleeves and comfy pockets, which make this coat a rather functional piece of outerwear. As presented on the image, the best way to rock this coat would be to add a pair of skinny jeans, some saucy heels and a simple shirt.

More fringe to come and again it is featured in a distinct way. This time it is a suede blazer that we are talking about. I bet that you have not spotted many of such before, so it does make sense to go for the awesome item. It is a perfect piece to complement a smart casual look as well as to off-set the hot silhouette of a party dress.

Rust brown is the color that deserves a special amount of attention no matter what the case is. This shade manages to create adorable designs and outfits that are full of stylish vibe and hot zest. You can easily don such a jacket with a pair of denim shorts, striped top and black tights – or else you can add a maxi full skirt, a classic shirt and some additional accessories.

Last but not least comes probably the hottest way to wear a suede jacket. This adorable and super saucy piece in light sand brown is designed for those of you who are used to alluring and hypnotizing. Add a pair of skimming jeans, sky-scraping heels and a top with an impressive cleavage, and your cool look will be ready.

These were the most gorgeous and saucy suede jackets in brown that you can wear this spring. What do you think of this collection?

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