15 Striking Ways To Rock A Feather Skirt

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Feather skirt in burgundy
Feather skirt in burgundy
Although it is still cold outside, it makes sense to bring in some fresh touches into your wardrobe and opt for more inspiring pieces. For instance, a short fitted article of clothing will do good. You do not necessarily have to rock it as a regular daywear piece, but rather create a saucy go out look. Have you ever thought of adding a hot feather skirt to your closet? I bet very few of you have considered such an option – which is a shame, as such an item is capable of turning even the most usual and boring outfit into a gorgeous and bright ensemble. And what else if not such a look can make our gray days more exciting and meaningful? Hence, I suggest that you check out the following images to get an idea of how to make a stunning number.

How To Sport Feather Skirts: 15 Awesome Examples

Here comes a very appropriate outfit that feature a cute feather skirt. It perfectly fits into the concept of a chilly and windy day when you need to warm up and protect your body from every kind of natural threat. A trendy sweat shirt in black with a white slogan is rocked over a plain white shirt – this combination goes well with the lovely mini skirt in faded indigo. I am in love with the unique shade of the latter and am pretty sure that you will have the very same attitude. A saucy navy coat with gold buttons along with black tights and suede shoes complete this cool look.

If you are thinking of creating a party look, then you should definitely go for brighter shades. This flare skirt in carrot red is an excellent option which will match any of the outfits. You can easily add a gorgeous embellished sweater in bronze and gold as well as a pair of glowing tan scarpins, an elegant clutch in beige and a cool statement necklace.

Purple and black always go together, so there is no need to hesitate too much if you decide to go for such a combination. Especially, if it is a stunning mini skirt embellished with feathers that we are talking about. The oversized pockets along the sides as well as the high waist add up to the overall impression and make this piece stand out even more. All you would need to add here is a plain black turtleneck, a pair of saucy shoes and a delicate belt in gold.

Cowboy styled look
Cowboy styled look
You can also play with styles and combined the elegant and exquisite touch of such a skirt with the funky and sharp zest of a cowboy shirt. The plaid piece in burgundy, red and violet perfectly matches the lovely white feather skirt. Moreover, the outfit is complemented with a trendy leather jacket in cappuccino, a stylish pair of ankle straps in tan and a cute handbag in charcoal gray.

Elegant black is all time favorite of many fashionistas. No wonder, this shade is capable of creating magnificent ad incredibly alluring looks – regardless of what it is that you wear. When it comes to a skimming thigh-high skirt decorated with feathers, it becomes quite hard to resist the temptation. Especially, when the item is styled in such a marvelous and engaging way. The classic light blue shirt with white styling is combined with an extremely beautiful snake-shaped necklace as well as a glistening encrusted belt, reptile skin printed clutch and a sophisticated white coat.

There is also room for a sporty hue, so it is very reasonable to opt for such an item indeed. Not only can you rock it with elegant pumps and feminine silhouettes, but also you have an option to combine a short feather skirt with a funky printed T-shirt and a pair of sneakers. The stronger the contrast is, the greater the impression will be. There are a lot of variations in terms of colors and prints, so one will have quite an extensive range of options to choose from.

If you feel like creating something incredibly vibrant and unique, then you might want to go for an electric blue skirt. This feathery piece is paired with a multicolored three-quartered shirt over a plain black tank top. A delicate pendant along with a pair of saucy shoes complement this look. Yet, here you can be more creative and show off your individuality with a different set of jewelries.

Last but not least comes a very romantic and delicate look. Due to the light color palette, this ensemble creates a very feminine and tender impression – which is always an advantage. The lovely high-waisted skirt in tan is combined with a collared white shirt as well as an extremely sophisticated coat in powder pink. An exquisite domino box-shaped minaudiere along with a pair of striped scarpins finished this gorgeous outfit.

Below are more examples of how one can style a mini feather skirt. Browse through the gallery to get some more of the fluffy inspiration.

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