20 Saucy Ways To Sport A Fur Scarf

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Red and white fur scarf
Red and white fur scarf
We are right in the middle of the winter season, which means there is still a need to warm up. In case yo do not fell like purchasing more outerwear pieces or footwear, there is a nice way to bring a new and comfy touch into your wardrobe. Why not to try on a stylish and extremely exquisite fur scarf instead of the regular and cliche ones? I am sure such an accessory will complement any of your outfits and make each of them more elegant and unique. After all, there are not so many ladies around who also have this piece in their collections. You can become a trendsetter in your own neighborhood or community with this adorable piece wrapped around your neck or shoulders. Below are some most astonishing and worthy looks featuring this striking item!

How To Style A Fur Scarf: Street Inspiration

Here comes my favorite outfit so far and I very positive that you will also fall in love with it. This rather moderate ensemble in monochrome is complemented by an outstanding accessory which adds a very fresh and appealing zest to the look. A pair of baggy black pants is combined with a charcoal gray top and a black and white unbuttoned jacket. Black suede laced booties along with the stylish glasses in brown perfectly fit into the image, while the puffy burgundy and white scarf completes this look in a gorgeous way.

In case you would rather go for something more modest and conventional, then this composition is likely to speak to you. The camel brown cashmere coat in a regular fit is paired with a stunning and very comfy scarf in beige and tan. The ensemble is complemented by black skinny pants, matching elegant handbag and stylish sunglasses.

Fans of office wear will definitely love this awesome outfit. Classic black pants are combined with a lovely collared shirt in delicate blue. A pair of adorable oxblood red and pink loafers as well as a gray plaid baggy coat, formal glasses and black handbag made this look even more desirable and irresistible. However, it was the striking scarf in charcoal gray fur that added the final and most exquisite touch to the outfit. The way the blonde fashionista rocked it made it super hard to not fall for this ensemble.

Elegant fur scarf in beige
Elegant fur scarf in beige
If you are looking for something more elegant and luxurious, here is an outfit that will blow your mind. You don’t need a lot of clothing pieces in order to recreate this ensemble. All you have to get is a beautiful and alluring velvet dress in black, a pair of white pumps, some astonishing jewelry and an impressive and precious fur scarf in ecru. Such a look will by all means make you the most sophisticated and exquisite lady at any event that you attend. Or else, you can simply arrange a cool photo set and use this composition as one of the looks.

Your fur scarf does not have to be super chunky and impressive. If you want it to be modest and small, there is also an outstanding way to style it. For instance, this petite and incredibly delicate scarf in violet is capable of giving a Parisian touch to any look one can ever imagine. The saucy item is buttoned to the coat or any other outerwear that you wear – so there is no need to worry about loosing it. In this case it is an oversized mohair sweater in slate gray that the fur accessory is paired with. A stylish midi skirt in black along with a chunky gold buckled belt, printed pumps, wide-brimmed hat, hot glasses and multicolored handbag complete the adorable look.

Black is always a wining color as it can create incredibly alluring and saucy outfits. This time is not an exception and you will have a chance to check it yourself. This astonishing black fur scarf is combined with a lovely loose sweater in ash gray and a fringed asymmetrical mini skirt in black. Super sexy thigh-high boots in black suede as well as a bunch of magnificent jewelry pieces, trendy sunglasses and an electric blue clutch finished this gorgeous composition.

If you, on the contrary, want to add some vibrant shades to your winter closet, feel free to opt for this stunning ensemble. A neon yellow shirt is combined with a green printed skirt. The bright duo is complemented by an elegant cashmere coat in tan, a saucy blue handbag and a very cute fur scarf in burgundy. This image presents a very unique and engaging color combination, which by all means makes this look more appealing and hot.

Here are some more ways to rock a fur scarf in a saucy manner. There are no limits in style, color or size at all – it is all about your personal taste.

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