Backpacks: How To Serve and What To Wear With

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Chanel backpack purse
Chanel backpack purse

We are all familiar with stereotypes and the influence they have in our society. Isn’t it silly – something is considered to be bad just because it has been this way ever since the world was created. Why can’t we simply get rid of those thousand-year-old standards and start to think in a brand new way? It is time to give way to your own thoughts and feelings, rather than worry about what others say. Let’s take one step toward freedom together! There is really nothing you need to do except to stay with us and read on. Find out why a backpack is no longer just a chunky and unfashionable piece of bag. If you still think that wearing a backpack with a dress and high heels is a felony, call off your lawyer and read carefully, please.

How Do You Wear Backpacks?

What was the first thing that came to your mind, when you saw Backpacks? I bet it was your boring school days, a hiking trip, or your dad’s affection for fishing and camping. This is the stereotype we are going to break today! First of all, what are advantages of the backpack? The first and most important one is that it is very comfortable to carry around. You have your both hands free to hold a cup of hot coffee or even two. When using a phone, you can easily text with all your fingers and send twice as many messages as you would with just one hand. Want to show off your awesome juggling skills? Steal a couple of apples and amaze everyone around with your talent! Plus, a backpack is the best item to shop with – you can handle as many bags as you want, and there is no more need to use your boyfriend (who hates shopping) as a carrier.

Studded leather backpack
Studded leather backpack

A  benefit number two is its outstanding capacity. How many things, in your opinion, you can fit into a backpack? Definitely more than your clutch, no matter how trendy it is, will store. There is no reason to carry an extra bag with you or hold stuff like books or magazines in your hands. But don’t opt for a way too chunky piece, it will kill the impression of you as a gracile lady.

Those of you who get blown away by heavy wind from time to time, pay attention, please! A backpack stuffed with your belongings will add to your weight and keep your slim and light body on the ground. You can delete Emergency Service number from your cell-phone contacts now!

Now, that you are well aware of all the pros of wearing this item, let me introduce another side of a backpack. Not only it is comfy and casual, but also can it beautify your look. Need more evidence? No problem!

My favorite pack so far is a studded black leather backpack. It is 100 percent grunge, so I totally need it to stay on trend this fall. Whatever I pair it with, be it a biker jacket and Boyfriend jeans or a plaid coat over a dress, I will get a lot of envy looks, I know.

An excellent way to emphasize your individualuty is to wear a rucksack with some patterns. I also like backpacks that are made out of more than one kind of material. It is always nice to have people scratch their heads over what it is that you have on your back. Suede, leather, denier, nylon, canvas, or all mixed in an intricate design – sounds fun, doesn’t it? Such a backpack will help you to create a hippie or smart casual look.

Turquoise backpack
Turquoise backpack

This backpack will win your hearts, I am sure. Well, first of all it is by Chanel. I guess, I don’t have to add anything else, you are already into it! But, a luxurious brand is not what I am trying to stress here. Even if it had been made by some might-have-been designer from a countryside, you would have adored it anyway. This beautiful quilted backpack purse is not as big as the previous ones, but it can hold your make-up kit and cell-phone (and maybe couple more things). That’s about what you need to conquer your city. Such a backpack will match any of your dresses (not gowns though, dresses!) and skirts as well as other articles in your closet. Pumps, wedges, scarpins? Yes, ma’am, you have a freedom to choose whichever shoes you want!

For those ladies who prefer bright colors to pastel shades, there is a great choice of fantastic backpacks in different colors! Mint, fuchsia, yellow, neon green, and many others – it is all up to you! The girl on the picture above opted for a turquoise pack which is offset by a dark blue shirt and a black skirt. She was obviously planning to make this trendy backpack the main accent of her look.

If you have not decided on a backpack you want to wander around with, here is a whole bunch of more looks that will get you closer to the purchase. Check out the gallery and don’t forget to share your favorite one with us!

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