Fall 2012 Trend: Baroque Style

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The signature elements of Baroque and Rococo epoch go through revival in fall 2012 season demonstrating that luxury shouldn’t be written off in the period of financial difficulties. Everything starting from gilded filigree and embellishment, luxurious motifs and brocades are there to make you stand out in the crowd in fall 2012 season.

Fall winter 2012 trend: Baroque style

As it usually happens with revivals, this one is not a complete copy of the Baroque style. When taking a look at the fashion collections, we can see that some of them were inspired by the early Baroque ear, while others by French Rococo. Moreover, a few designers found the source of inspiration in Renaissance era. All in all, don’t try to stick up to the certain style since it is a general influence that resulted a new aesthetic.
The main elements of Baroque revival:
Rich embroidery, embellishment and needlepoint.
Luxurious materials like silk brocade, velvet and leather.
Gold is the key element of Baroque style- it could be found in embellishment, needlepoint color, hardware etc.
Baroque favors symmetry and curve soft lines.
How to wear Baroque style
Despite the wide use of Baroque style in the latest fashion collection, it is still could be hardly called a mainstream trend. So, you may easily stand out if you wear it properly. In fact, there are two key looks you can create with Baroque style: regal and rockstar.
The key in creating the regal look is going for the total Baroque look, rather than for halves. Instead of complementing the embroidered gown by the ballets, opt for the fancy heels. Don’t forget to accessorize your looks with gold oversized accessories. The red lipstick will add the perfect finish to the look.
Another trendy way of playing with Baroque style is creating the look with glam-rock or bohemian-rock feel. The glam-rock look could be reached by pairing the jacket made from brocade with the skinny jeans or leather leggings.
As for the bohemian-rock look, go for the items from plush velvet and embellished leather.
Baroque accessorizing
Every woman knows that accessories help to style the look and make it appear completed. In case you want to go total Baroque style, consider accessorizing the look with elaborately wrought jewelry, tapestry clutches, bejeweled headbands and embellished velvet or suede boots. You may also use the beaded detachable collars.
Remember that Baroque is about the imposing craftsmanship, but in the modern update. The details and quality are the things that matter, so you would rather consider avoid purchasing the cheap versions just because it won’t bring a desirable effect. Before buying the Baroque-inspired garment, check the fabric, weight the item and look for the sticking threads.

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