Handbag Trend: Wear Two Instead of One

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Stylish lady with two handbags
Stylish lady with two handbags
Whenever we choose a handbag, wetend to spend lots of time and effort before picking the one that – as we think – would match all of our outfits in an excellent way. There are times though when our expectations do not necessarily match the reality and we end up with a piece that does not delight us that much. And there are also those cases when we – on the contrary –can’t choose among various options available in our closets, which exactly item to rock. If this happens to be the case with you most of the time, this post has something to make your life easier. Seems like quite a number of fashionistasface with the above mentioned issues, which is why they have come up with a gorgeous solution. Why to wear one bag when you can rock two? So if you happen to struggle with the choice too much, feel free to sport both items – especially when such a trend is followed by fabulous celebs. And just to convince you a little bit more, here is a set of lovely examples that will prove every single word of mine true.

7 Awesome Ways To Sport Multiple Bags

Here comes an adorable example that will surely inspire you for an action. This bright and smiling lady on the image obviously possesses an outstanding fashion taste. The way she combined various clothing pieces is capable of making anyone’ s mouth water and I am pretty sure that this is exactly what is happening to you right now. A loose short dress in dark blue linen is paired with white tights, a midi trench coat in beige, vintage styled shoes in brown, a saucy black and white hat and two awesome handbags. One of them is quite classy and can be rocked with a wide range of outfits: an appealing rust brown shade as well as a loose shape and soft leather make this piece quite classy. The other bag is more of a beach- or picnicwear, as it is styled in straw and features a very simple design.

Rihanna rocking two bags in sky blue and candy pink
Rihanna rocking two bags in sky blue and candy pink
In case you prefer brighter hues and bolder combinations, here is something that will certainly speak to you. No wonder, it is Rihanna after all who is presenting the look, so chances are a lot of ladies will fall for it. In fact, the star rocked a very simple and casual ensemble; it is the styling that deserves the most attention. A pair of high waist denim shorts with ripped trimming is complemented by a sleeveless crop top in black, running shoes in white and black sunglasses. To compensate for the rather simple composition, the beauty added jewelry pieces in gold and – attention please – two saucy handbags in candy pink and sky blue each. The smaller one is a lovely quilted piece by Christian Dior, whereas the second one represents a more spacious item. Both handbags look quite appealing and trendy and can be either sported separately or the way Rihanna wears them.

It makes much more sense when a lady wears several bags of different size and in different style. This is exactly the case with Jessica Alba’s stylish look – and this is one more proof to the statement above about the trendy feature of multiple handbags. The stunner sported an elegant and extremely exquisite tiny leather bag in black – probably just to keep her most treasured belongings. And whatever else that she was not able to tuck into her petite accessory, the celebrity must have filled up the other bag with. The latter is also designed in fine black leather featuring laser cut embellishment, rectangular shape and two types of handle. With one piece over her left shoulder and the other across her right elbow, Alba does not seem to be bothered by her multiple accessories at all. So it is obviously worth to try out such a trend yourself and bring some creativity and individualism into your days.

I have no absolutely no doubt that you will be the first one in your circles to sport handbags in such a unique and extraordinary way, so do not hesitate any single minute before creating a super stylish and outstanding composition of your own. You can easily play with shapes, colors and textures and either come up with complementary compositions or add some bright and catchy contrasts. The world is your oyster, so give way to your imagination and artistic approach!

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